Safety Policy

We are committed to maintaining high standards of safety and health in all our activities: research, teaching, working with industry and the community. Good Safety and Health performance protect our students, staff, partners, visitors, contractors and others from harm.

SIT strives to attain good Safety and Health performance by:

  1. Ensuring that we comply with all applicable legal and other Safety and Health requirements.
  2. Doing all that is reasonably practicable to prevent work-related injury and ill-health.
  3. Having an objective, risk-informed and proportionate approach to Safety and Health.
  4. Integrating safety and health seamlessly with our work to support efficient operations.
  5. Forging strategic partnerships with internal and external stakeholders to develop competence and gain commitment.
  6. Seeking continual improvement in our Safety and Health management and performance.

Achieving good safety and health outcomes is a team effort. It begins with the actions and efforts of every individual in SIT, guided by a comprehensive Safety and Health Management system that defines the roles and responsibilities at the individual, management, organisational and top leadership levels.

The SIT Safety and Health Management System serves as the framework for us to achieve our goals in Safety and Health. It defines how we plan, implement, document, communicate and review all Safety and Health activities in a cycle of continuous improvement.