Campus Engagements

Campus Engagements

*In light of the current COVID-19 situation in Singapore, the safety and well-being of our students remain the top priorities at SIT. Hence, all of our orientation activities will be held online.

For the incoming batch (AY2020) of freshmen, do stay tuned for updates on the exciting activities we have in plans for you, via email (personal email account registered during admission phase & SIT official account) and SMS. Updates will be provided by 1 July 2020.

Freshmen Orientation*

Through key events throughout the year, SIT aims to bring together the melting pot of young students in SIT into individuals who possess a strong SITizen identity through the provision of a vibrant and engaging campus life!

SIT Freshmen mark the beginning of their journey in SIT through Student Orientation in August, jointly organized by student volunteers and Student Life Division. Be prepared to forge new friendships to build memories that will last a lifetime!

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DAY Zero*

Held before the start of each new academic year, this event is organized by seniors from SIT/SIT joint degree programmes for incoming freshmen to induct new students into the SIT academic paradigm and also to interact with seniors and faculty.

Follow us on Youtube channel: StudentLifeSIT to check out past years’ videos!

Club Fair*

Student Clubs allow students in SIT to develop holistic skill sets while nurturing personal interests in the respective club categories beyond their academic curriculum. These clubs come together during The Club Fair – a student-centered extravaganza that exhibits the plethora of clubs and interest groups available to SIT students.

Inter-Cluster Games

Apart from striving for sporting excellence, SIT also promotes healthy lifestyles and wellbeing of all students through sports activities and programmes. One of the highlights of such events is the annual Inter-Cluster Games (ICG) which brings the larger SIT community together where Faculty, Alumni and students come together to compete in a variety of sports.

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