Redesigning a Seniors’ Corner

AMK Senior Corner

SIT was commissioned to redesign a communal space for seniors that would facilitate community bonding and socialisation.
SIT’s research and design team needed to gain a precise understanding of the basic and aspirational needs of users. The team observed user behaviour throughout the day and studied the surrounding area. They hoped to discover insights on potential gathering spots and identify areas adjacent to the site that would augment the design. Led by Assistant Professor Mark Teo (Business, Communication and Design) and Senior Lecturer Corrine Hoo (Health and Social Sciences), the team got feedback from the residents’ committee to uncover latent needs.
The redesigned Seniors’ Corner would cater to different user groups at different times of the day. It would be suitable for formal and informal gatherings as well as planned activities. One possible utilisation of the space is to include a community garden for residents. 

Design of a Seniors’ Corner in Ang Mo Kio completed by the project team