Enhancing online social service programme delivery

Effectiveness of Online Social Service Programmes

The Singapore Muslim Women’s Association (PPIS) approached CLASIC for assistance when they encountered challenges in pivoting from face-to-face to online-based social service programmes during the pandemic.

PPIS’s community services is an integral part of its outreach as it provides holistic support and developmental programmes for women and their families. CLASIC recognised the importance of measuring the effectiveness of the e-sessions by PPIS. 

A group of SIT students from the ICT Software Engineering programme were tasked with studying the delivery efficiency of the social service programme at a PPIS centre. The students documented their observations and subsequently analysed the data to understand the centre’s process flow. 

The students delivered a proof of concept that could resolve some of the pain points in the online service delivery. They also highlighted potential areas for improvement and made recommendations for enhancing the process flow.