Applied Learning

Learning opportunities everywhere

Designed to support diverse learning styles for specialised programmes, our university provides a dynamic environment, catered for the digital era. Some facilities include a Library of the future, Superlab, Lectorial classes and a Smart Playground.

Industry Partnership

Visible industry collaboration

We are connected to JTC Corporation’s business park via Campus Boulevard and the elevated Collaboration Loop. Students and faculty can test-bed proofs-of-concept across the street, while industry partners innovate at The Hatchery in the campus.

SIT Punggol Campus Boulevard

Inclusive community

We welcome everyone

We are accessible to the public via the future Punggol Coast MRT station, with public facilities for everyone to enjoy.

The public can explore the campus on foot or cycle down the main Campus Boulevard — an 800m-long walkway connecting the whole district. There is also the 1.3km green Heritage Trail, a forest conservation project along the old Punggol Road that now links Punggol Waterway Park to Punggol Promenade park connector.

Other facilities include dining and shopping options at the Market Village by the waterfront.

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