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Infocomm Technology
Micro‑credential Course
3+ months
Fee Subsidy
Up to 90% SF Funding

This specialised micro-credential prepares learners towards a career as a network engineer. Learn the fundamentals of computer networking, dive into hands-on attacks and defences of real computer networks, and gain the knowledge and skills to design and implement real-world secure enterprise networks.

In this course, you will learn about the networking stack and protocols implemented in real-world computer networks such as the Internet. You will be introduced to the design of scalable enterprise networks, and acquire competencies to configure network devices and implement them.

Given that computer networks are increasingly under attack, you will also examine commonly known attacks over computer networks, and – based on industry best practices – practise configuring security measures on the network devices to mitigate these attacks. In addition, you will learn to implement access control and network security monitoring commonly required in a real-world secure enterprise network. 

Integrating online and in-person delivery, the micro-credential aligns and prepares you for the Cisco Certificate Network Associate (CCNA) certification, and offers various learning activities such as online Packet Tracer network emulator, discussion forums, and in-person laboratory sessions using real network devices with consultations.

This micro-credential is part of the CSM Pathway in Applied Computing.

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Who Should Attend

The micro-credential prepares learners for the following job roles:

  • Network Engineer
  • Network-related job functions
Assumed Prior Knowledge

Though not essential, it would be useful for the learner to have at least one year of experience in implementing and managing solutions from any leading network vendor.

What You Will Learn

This micro-credential is predominantly delivered through a competency-based education (CBE) approach where learners acquire and demonstrate mastery of knowledge and skills that are directly relevant to job functions. This prepares them to be industry-ready where they can apply their newly acquired competencies to their work.

List of Competency Units

Code Competency Unit Title Credits
ICT2501C Computer Networking 9
ICT2502C Network Security 9

The above are competency units that constitute this micro-credential. Upon completion of the micro-credential, you will be able to:

  • Explain the services of the different layers of network models and the operations of the corresponding network protocols at these layers
  • Demonstrate real-world attacks over computer networks and configure suitable defences on network devices to mitigate the attacks
  • Design and implement scalable and secure enterprise networks in practice

Coaching for Success

During the course, you will have access to a team of qualified success coaches who can work with you on learning strategies or to develop a personalised learning plan. Through the success coaches, you can gain access to a wide range of resources and support services, and be empowered with the necessary tools to navigate your learning journey successfully.

Teaching Team

Wing Keong Woo
Wing Keong Woo

Senior Lecturer, Infocomm Technology, Singapore Institute of Technology

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Purnima Murali Mohan
Purnima Murali Mohan

Assistant Professor, Infocomm Technology, Singapore Institute of Technology

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Nalam Venkata Abhishek
Nalam Venkata Abhishek

Assistant Professor, Infocomm Technology, Singapore Institute of Technology

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Week Learning Activity Delivery, Location and Time
1 Micro-credential briefing and network laboratory orientation In-person
SIT@NYP Campus
4:00 pm – 6:00 pm
1 – 11 Self-directed learning and discussion forum Asynchronous Online
2 – 7, 9 – 11

Laboratory sessions with consultations
(optional, but it's encouraged to attend some sessions and to book in advance)

SIT@NYP Campus
6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
4, 7 & 10 In-class assessments In-person
SIT@NYP Campus
4:00 pm – 6:00 pm
8 Assignment laboratory demonstration In-person
SIT@NYP Campus
Time TBC
12 Practical examination In-person
SIT@NYP Campus
9:00 am – 6:00 pm

Certificate and Assessment

A Specialist Certificate in Computer Networking and Network Security will be issued to learners who:

  • Attend at least 75% of the course and
  • Undertake and pass all credit bearing assessments
Assessment Plan

The learner will undertake a combination of in-class assessments, assignments with both written report submission and lab demonstration on network racks, and a final practical examination.

Fee Structure

The full fee for this course is S$9,868.86.

Category After SF Funding
Singapore Citizen (Below 40) S$2,960.66
Singapore Citizen (40 & Above) S$1,149.86
Singapore PR / LTVP+ Holder S$2,960.66
Non-Singapore Citizen S$9,868.86 (No Funding)


  • A one-time, non-refundable matriculation fee of $54.50 will be collected before course commencement.
  • All fees above include GST. GST applies to individuals and Singapore-registered companies.

Course Runs

There are no upcoming course runs at the moment.

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Learning Pathway


Earn Stackable Specialist Certificates

Earn micro-credentials in Applied Computing (via the CSM Pathway) and unlock career opportunities in areas such as DevOps, network security and machine learning. Stack these micro-credentials towards a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Applied Computing at SIT.

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