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  1. Participant Story
    Deepening Clinical Expertise through Upskilling

    06 Apr 2023


    Armed with a Postgraduate Diploma in Sonography, Florence Tan is ready for advanced clinical practice and leadership.

    Health Sciences, Sonography
  2. Participant Story
    Overcoming the Barrier to Learning

    19 Feb 2023


    Is learning new skills still relevant after 40? This was the question Resendos faced while contemplating taking up a postgraduate certificate course at SIT. His decision to constantly upskill himself shaped his entrepreneurial journey.

    Business Management, Design Innovation
  3. Event Coverage
    Raising the Bar on Electrical Safety Awareness

    30 Jan 2023


    Electrical accidents and fires are common in both commercial and residential settings. The inaugural Electrical Safety Symposium brought together experts from academia and the industry to share insights and best practices on electrical safety.

    Electrical Engineering
  4. Event Coverage
    Redefining Thinking and Learning at SkillsFuture Festival

    08 Sep 2022

    The annual SkillsFuture Festival to promote lifelong learning was hosted by the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) this year on 23 July. Riding on the theme of ‘Design for the Future Economy’, the single-day event featured 53 learning workshops and talks, with SIT faculty staff sharing their expert insights on thinking and learning.

    Design Innovation, Leadership and Communication, Health Sciences
  5. Participant Story
    Engineering Career Success Through Continuous Learning

    18 Jul 2022

    Engineering Career Success Through Continuous Learning

    Professional requirements compelled 36-year-old electrical engineer Loo Yee Chye to upskill. In the process, he discovered how going back to university was a boon to his daily work and long-term aspirations.

    Electrical Engineering, Power and Clean Energy
  6. Course Insights
    Towards Food Innovation, One Small Batch at a Time

    18 Jul 2022


    Jointly launched by SIT, Enterprise Singapore and JTC in April 2022, FoodPlant, Singapore’s first shared facility for small-batch food production, has garnered interest from various food manufacturing players. One of them is SGProtein, a Singapore-based meat analogue manufacturer, who has partnered SIT and FoodPlant since 2021 through a series of student projects, Continuing Education & Training (CET) courses and manufacturing collaborations.

    Food Technology

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