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  1. Participant Story
    More alumni return to S’pore universities to study, but more support needed

    12 May 2024


    More people are returning to their alma mater for further studies over the past few years, with government support and more alumni engagement.

    Career Growth and Transition, Competency-based Education
  2. Course Insights
    The ‘Green’ Passage Towards Maritime Decarbonisation

    30 Apr 2024


    With the maritime industry turning to lower carbon fuels and energy-efficient technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the Masterclass in Maritime Decarbonisation offered by SIT steers knowledge acquisition in this direction.

    Sustainability, Transport Engineering
  3. Course Insights
    Improving Patient Outcomes through Advanced Clinical Supervision Competency

    03 Apr 2024


    The Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) taps on evidence-based education practices to address the increasing demand for advanced clinical supervision competencies among Allied Health Professionals and improve patient outcomes.

    Health Sciences, Adult and Geriatric Rehabilitation, Competency-based Education
  4. Course Insights
    Upskilling is Not an Uphill Task

    19 Mar 2024


    Questions like “Am I too old?”, “Will I be able to keep up?” and “Can I afford it?” are often on the minds of adult learners when considering upskilling and upgrading. Robin Ngan, Director of the SITLEARN, tackles these questions and shares tips for how to make the most of one’s lifelong learning journey.

    Competency-based Education, Career Growth and Transition
  5. Course Insights
    Helping SMEs Embed Sustainability in Business

    08 Mar 2024


    Co-developed with the Association of Small & Medium Enterprises (ASME), the ‘Introduction to Sustainability for Businesses’ course provides companies with the knowledge and frameworks for mapping their sustainability goals.

    Sustainability, Business Management
  6. Course Insights
    Shedding Light on Workplace Safety in Social Services

    23 Jan 2024


    These niche courses equip professionals in social service agencies with the skills to optimise health and safety at the workplace.

    Health Sciences, Social Sciences, Workplace Safety and Health

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