The Mapletree Innovation & Entrepreneurship Forum

Focuses on entrepreneurship and innovation. The theme for 2024 is Innovation and Sustainability.


Event Details

The Mapletree Innovation & Entrepreneurship Forum serves as a cornerstone event with the Mapletree Challenge. Enjoy the vibrant and full-day affair, designed to ignite the entrepreneurial spirit among students. Delve into the inspiring narratives of accomplished young entrepreneurs and seize networking opportunities with students, industry leaders, and investors.

This event warmly welcomes SITizens to partake in this enriching experience.

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Past Highlights

Reflecting on the past Mapletree Innovation & Entrepreneurship Forums, we've witnessed a tapestry of engaging and impactful moments. 

  1. Educational Workshops and Plenary Sessions
    • Opening and Closing Plenary Discussions: Our forums kick-started and concluded with enriching plenary sessions, fostering dialogues among entrepreneurial minds. These sessions provided invaluable insights and motivation to embark on entrepreneurial endeavours.
    • Conversations with an International Patent Entrepreneur: An insightful session where attendees delved into the world of patents, exploring the entrepreneurial landscape through the lens of global innovation.
    • Foundations of Entrepreneurship & Management Essentials: Empowering discussions on essential management skills laid the groundwork for aspiring entrepreneurs, providing them with crucial tools for success.
    • Development, Trends & Branding Strategies of Sustainable, Futuristic, and Functional Foods: Exploring the future of food, this session delved into sustainable food trends, futuristic innovations, and branding strategies for functional foods, catering to a changing world.
  2. Sustainability Workshops and Activities
    • EcobyDeco Fashion Show: Delving into the realm of sustainable fashion, our runway lit up with innovative designs and eco-conscious creations, inspiring a shift towards environmentally friendly trends.
    • Recycled Name Card Workshop: Advocating for sustainability in the minutest of details, this workshop engaged participants in crafting recycled name cards, promoting eco-friendly practices in everyday business interactions.
    • Terrarium Workshop: This workshop allowed participants to craft their green oasis. From layering soils to planting, attendees learned the art of creating self-contained ecosystems, taking home their own sustainable, low-maintenance terrariums.
    • Smoothie Bike: Pedalling towards sustainability, our Smoothie Bike session blended fun and eco-consciousness. Participants hopped on bikes to power blenders, creating delicious smoothies through pedal power, promoting fitness and sustainability in a delicious way!

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