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  1. The Pitch Art

    "The Pitch Art" masterclass focuses on honing the art of crafting compelling and effective pitches. It emphasizes the critical components required for a successful pitch, ranging from understanding the audience to mastering storytelling techniques.

    • Crafting a Compelling Elevator Pitch: Teach students the art of creating a concise and attention-grabbing elevator pitch that communicates their business idea effectively.
    • Understanding Your Audience: Emphasize the importance of tailoring pitches to specific audiences, whether it's investors, customers, or partners.<
    • Storytelling Techniques: Discuss the power of storytelling in pitches and how to weave a narrative that resonates with the audience.
    • Value Proposition: Help students define their unique value proposition and explain how it addresses the needs and pain points of their target market.
    • Pitch Deck Essentials: Cover the key components of a pitch deck, including problem statement, solution, market analysis, competition, and financial projections.
  2. Investor Attraction / Equity Essentials

    “Investor Attraction / Equity Essentials" masterclass focuses on securing investments and understanding equity in business operations. It emphasizes the crucial steps for identifying suitable investors, building trust, and planning exit strategies.
    • Identifying the Right Investors: Teach students how to research and identify potential investors who align with their business goals and values.
    • Creating an Investor-Ready Business Plan: Guide students through the process of developing a comprehensive business plan that addresses investor concerns.
    • Financial Projections: Help students prepare realistic financial projections, including revenue models, cash flow, and ROI estimates.
    • Building Trust and Credibility: Emphasize the importance of building a trustworthy reputation and maintaining transparency with potential investors.
    • Exit Strategies: Introduce students to various exit strategies like mergers, acquisitions, or IPOs and when to consider them.
    • Case Studies: Analyze real-world examples of startups that successfully attracted investors and secured funding.
  3. Company Division/Shares / Shareholder Secrets

    "Company Division/Shares / Shareholder Secrets" masterclass delves into the intricacies of equity ownership and management. It covers share allocation, share types, stock options, valuation methods, and legal and tax considerations.

    • Understanding Equity Ownership: Explain the concept of equity ownership and how it's divided among founders and investors in a company.

    • Equity Allocation: Teach students how to allocate shares among co-founders, early employees, and advisors based on their contributions and roles.

    • Preferred vs. Common Shares: Differentiate between preferred and common shares and their implications for ownership and decision-making.

    • Stock Options and Employee Incentives: Introduce stock options and equity-based incentives as tools for attracting and retaining talent.

    • Valuation Methods: Explain various methods used to determine the value of a company when allocating shares or seeking investment.

    • Shareholder Agreements: Discuss the importance of creating shareholder agreements to address issues like voting rights, buy-sell agreements, and dispute resolution.

    • Legal and Tax Considerations: Provide an overview of the legal and tax implications related to company division and share allocation.

  4. Sales Mastery / Sales Success

    "Sales Mastery / Sales Success" is a dynamic masterclass aimed at enhancing students' selling skills. It includes practical exercises, insights into sales psychology, and techniques for effective communication.
    • Exercise: Students participate in selling exercises, requiring them to sell items to an audience with just a 5-minute preparation.

    • Understanding Sales Psychology: Teach students about the psychology of selling, including buyer motivations, objections, and decision-making processes.

    • Product Knowledge: Emphasize the importance of deep product knowledge to effectively communicate its features and benefits to potential customers.

    • Sales Techniques: Introduce a variety of sales techniques, such as consultative selling, objection handling, and closing strategies.

    • Effective Communication: Teach students how to actively listen, ask probing questions, and communicate persuasively with customers.

    • Role-Playing and Practice: Encourage students to engage in role-playing exercises and real-life selling scenarios to develop their sales skills and confidence. 

Cash Prizes to be Won

Gold Award - A cash prize of $1,000
Silver Award - A cash prize of $600
Bronze Award - A cash prize of $400

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