The Grand Final

The Grand Final, which allows shortlisted teams to present their respective ideas on entrepreneurship and innovation to a panel of judges, has been changed to a vodcast submission.

Details on Registration

At the Grand Final

The six Challenger teams will:

  • Receive useful tips while being mentored by leaders of industry and the university

  • Submit their innovation pitch via a professionally prepared 10-12 minute vodcast

  • Share their innovation ideas on an issue of sustainable innovation 

  • Put themselves and their project teammates in a position to win the attractive prizes

Cash Prizes to be Won

Gold Award - A cash prize of $5,000
Silver Award - A cash prize of $3,000
Bronze Award - A cash prize of $2,000

Consolation Prizes - A cash prize of $1,000 for selected teams 

  • The first 20 teams who submitted the business proposal will receive an early submission prize of $100 cash.
  • Shortlisted teams who presented in the semi-finals will receive a certificate of participation by the Mapletree Challenge.

Other attractive prizes to be won

  • Best TikTok Video
  • Best Photo (Photographs taken during our events, for example, field trip, forum and etc.)
  • Most Supportive Participants

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Selection Process

  1. The Grand Final Challengers will present their sustainable innovations during The Mapletree Challenge Grand Final.

  2. Each ten-minute presentation will be made to a panel of judges, representing industry, SIT and Mapletree Investments, followed by five minutes of Q&A.

Intellectual Property (IP)

  • The Mapletree Challenger(s) retain/s full IP rights for the innovation entered in The Mapletree Challenge.

  • The Organizing Committee reserves the right to use, reproduce, publish, print and distribute images and/or descriptions of the innovations submitted for The Mapletree Challenge.

  • The Organizing Committee reserves the right to use, reproduce, publish, print, edit and distribute the names of any participants and photographs and videos of The Mapletree Challenge.

Other Events