Modules and Initiatives for Students

Communication Modules

CPC conducts communication modules to improve the English language proficiency of SIT students and equip them with essential communication skills required for their studies and future work.

Critical Thinking and Communicating

The Critical Thinking and Communicating module equip students with critical thinking skills to read and comprehend scientific texts specific to their degree programmes.

It also incorporates the following:

  • foundational knowledge and skills in academic writing and presentation for academic success
  • skill-based topics such as:
    • reader-response writing
    • writing of lab/design reports or proposals
    • writing literature reviews on oral and poster presentations


Micro Modules

Soft skills require time to develop through regular practice and exposure. The CPC Workplace Communication micro-modules were developed by our faculty to meet SIT students’ needs. The micro-modules are activity-based with short snippets of instructions, tips and a quiz at the end.

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Communicating Across Curriculum Initiative

CPC develops various initiatives and communication skills modules to support SIT's unique curriculum. This gives our students a firm grounding in critical thinking and communication skills, preparing them to become versatile and effective professionals in the workplace.

The Communicating Across Curriculum (CAC) initiative embeds critical thinking and communication skills within the students' core curriculum.

Tailored to individual programme's needs, the CAC comprises writing and speaking workshops, assessments, and consultations within content subjects. It provides students with optimal opportunities to apply writing and speaking knowledge and gain more confidence in communicating their discipline content.

The workshops, which cover essential communication skills such as report writing, requirements engineering, elicitation, and managing workplace relationships, are well-received by students who recognise the immediate usefulness and applicability of the skills taught.


Support for Students

Communication Helpdesk

The Communication Helpdesk is a CPC service arm that provides free consultations to students on their written assignments or oral presentations. Consultations may include one-on-one or small-group tutoring by peer tutors who are carefully selected and trained to help our students develop communication skills as presenters and writers. They offer feedback and suggestions on the purpose, structure, writing functions, and address specific audiences required of the student's assignments.

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CPC SITizen Ambassador (SAm) Programme

The CPC SITizen Ambassador (SAm) Programme is integral to the SIT SAm Programme. Appointed CPC SAm will work with a team of CPC faculty advisors in programme development and event management to further communication skills and associated knowledge within the SIT community.

Through the development and management of events, CPC SAm gain first-hand experience in planning and executing specialised events and other activities set up for the benefit of their peers. There are also opportunities for SAm to emcee for university-wide events, and participate in panel discussions, workshops and talks.

CPC faculty advisors oversee and advise the CPC SAm on their activities. They also play a role in scaffolding SAm decision-making, leadership and organisation, while mentoring them in communication skills and knowledge transferable to professional workplace contexts.