The Applied Learning Conference (ALC) is the brainchild of SIT and reflects the university’s ongoing efforts to highlight the value and importance of applied learning. Through this conference, SIT aims to bring together international and local experts to contribute to the evolving discourse of applied learning on various fronts.

The fourth Applied Learning Conference (ALC 2023) concluded on 20 & 21 July 2023 at Marina Bay Sands. Themed "Advancing Applied Learning and Competency Development in the Digital Age," ALC 2023 seeks to bring together thought leaders and practitioners from across the globe to:

  • Explore the role of technology in advancing applied learning and personalise learning;
  • Highlight best practices for engaging students in digital learning and building competencies;
  • Examine assessment models for measuring competencies, prior-learning, and work-place learning;
  • Discuss various approaches with industry to promote digital learning and skills development; and
  • Examine institutional support, leadership and quality mechanism for creating an eco-system that develop learners’ essential competencies


Applied Learning Conference speakers

Professor Barbara A. Bichelmeyer

Provost & Executive Vice-Chancellor and Chief Learning Officer, The University of Kansas
Keynote Speaker, ALC 2023
Charla Long

Dr Charla Long

President, Competency-Based Education Network
Keynote Speaker, ALC 2022 and ALC 2023
Jeremy Fox

Dr Jeremy Fox

CEO, Asia-Pacific & Board Chairman, Generation: You Employed, Inc.
Plenary Speaker, ALC 2023

Dr Lisa McIntyre-Hite​

Strategic Advisor, Competency-Based Education Network
Plenary Speaker, ALC 2023
Neo Kian Hong

Mr Neo Kian Hong

Group Chief Executive Officer, SMRT Corporation Ltd
Plenary Speaker, ALC 2022
Chris Husbands

Professor Sir Chris Husbands

Vice-Chancellor, Sheffield Hallam University
Plenary Speaker, ALC 2022
Isabella Poon

Professor Isabella Poon Wai Yin

Pro-Vice-Chancellor, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Plenary Speaker, ALC 2022
Paul J Leblanc - Profile - Thumbnail

Dr Paul J. LeBlanc

President, Southern New Hampshire University
Plenary Speaker, ALC 2020
Mick Healey - Profile - Thumbnail

Professor Mick Healey

HE Consultant & Researcher and Emeritus Professor at University of Gloucestershire
Keynote Speaker, ALC 2020
Diana G Oblinger - Profile - Thumbnail

Dr Diana G. Oblinger

President Emeritus, EDUCAUSE
Plenary Speaker, ALC 2018
Georg Nagler - Profile - Thumbnail

Professor Georg Nagler

President, Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg, Mannheim
Keynote Speaker, ALC 2018
Distinguished Guest Speaker, ALC 2020 and ALC 2023
Kalevi Ekman - Profile - Thumbnail

Professor Kalevi Ekman

Founder, Design Factory, Aalto University
Keynote Speaker, ALC 2018
Henry C B Chan - Profile - Thumbnail

Associate Professor Henry C.B. Chan

Department of Computing, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Keynote Speaker, ALC 2018

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