Use the filters below to help you find the right tools for your needs. If you would like to explore further, please contact us for a more in-depth discussion.

  • Software | Content creation

    A screen recorder and video editor in one software to help you create videos more conveniently.

    • Import slides directly into Camtasia
    • Add quizzes and interactivity to encourage and measure learning


    Limited licenses available.

  • Software | Assessment

    Interactive classroom quiz tool integrated with PowerPoint.

    • Add empty slides for drawing during a slideshow
    • Pick-a-Name function
    • Share slides as PDF via QR code
    • View both class and individual responses during a live poll/quiz
    • Free account allows for 50 students and 10 questions per PowerPoint
  • Software | Brainstorming

    An online group brainstorming and dot voting tool that enhances collaboration.

    • Post images, text and videos in the form of ‘cards’ to a board
    • Vote for, sort, and prioritise the ‘cards’
    • Chat function
    • Comment on submitted ‘cards’
    • One board per free account
  • Equipment | Content creation
    GoPro Camera Kit

    Make use of our GoPro kit to produce high-quality videos.

    • Kit includes a camera, microphone, and other useful accessories
  • Software | Assessment

    Manage and grade all assignments using GradeScope.

    • Supports multiple formats, from paper-based to coding
    • Automatically groups submissions with the same answers for easier review
    • Create and change scoring criteria as you grade, and apply these changes to previously graded work for consistency
  • Software | Content creation

    Easily create interactive web experiences such as interactive videos, presentations, and games.

    • Free to use
    • A hosting service (e.g. is needed to host the content
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    How CoLEAD can help you
    • Recommend software that is tailored to your teaching and learning needs
    • Enable you to test new, paid software for a limited trial period – talk to us as early as possible about your requirements
    • Facilitate your use of new software by supporting your classes where appropriate
    • Assist in applying for grants to purchase software that supports innovative teaching and learning, such as the ALIGN grant



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    Other ways to fulfil your resource needs
    • Include software needs in your programme budget. Discuss this with your Programme Leader in advance, if appropriate
    • Get more colleagues on board to trial new resources. This can be facilitated by budgets from cluster teaching and learning leads and/or through communities of practice (for cross-cluster trials)
    • Approach the Communications and Information Technology Division (CIT). They can budget accordingly if there is strong justification to implement software on a campus-wide basis

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