Teaching Excellence Award (TEA)

The SIT Teaching Excellence Award recognises and rewards academic staff who have made a significant contribution to learning in SIT.
Teaching Excellence Award - Masthead

Important Dates

September to October: Call for nominations

November: Eligible nominees receive invitation to submit their dossier

January to February: Award list announcement

Eligibility & Criteria

The award is open to all SIT teaching staff who are teaching in:

  • a SIT degree programme, or
  • a joint degree programme, or
  • an overseas university programme

The nominee must have a minimum teaching load of three modules in the qualifying academic year. He/She should also exemplify the following qualities:

  • Excellence in teaching and learning
  • Strong commitment to students and student development
  • Innovation in teaching and learning, and in assessment

Nominees who have won two or more awards in the last three consecutive academic years will be excluded from nominations in the current year.


TEA recipients will receive a cash award of $1,000, a teaching grant of $5,000 and a plaque.

The teaching grant may be used to fund teaching-related activities, such as teaching and learning conferences, courses on higher education, and new pedagogical innovations, or for undertaking projects to improve teaching effectiveness.


Need more information?

Contact Ms Cherine Foo at Cherine.Foo@SingaporeTech.edu.sg if you have any questions about the TEA.

Nominations closed for AY2020/21


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