The Ministry of Education's Tertiary Education Research Fund (TRF) supports applied educational research at Singapore’s institutes of higher learning (IHLs), to fulfil the following objectives:

  • Empower educators and institutions to actively and continuously improve teaching and learning (T&L) practices based on reliable research and data
  • Promote effective and innovative T&L practices that have the potential to improve the quality of T&L across all IHLs in Singapore


Award Information

The TRF funds projects on a competitive basis across the IHLs. The quantum awarded and duration of each project are shown below:

Category Quantum of Award Duration of project
Individual $40,000–$250,000 Up to 2 years
Programmatic Up to $1M Up to 3 years

Who Can Apply?

  • All SIT faculty are eligible to apply for the MOE-TRF grant. The team can comprise staff from the same cluster, across clusters, or across divisions.
  • TRF projects allow for joint submissions from the IHLs.


It is important that all proposed TRF projects have a direct impact on students’ learning outcomes. The projects should be strongly grounded in reliable research and data. TRF projects may take on one of the following forms:

  • Ideation or Proof-of-Concept Projects
    These projects develop existing ideas into implementable models (e.g. synthesis of existing principles or theories to develop a curriculum/lesson for a class or division). 
  • Translation Projects
    These projects implement proven and tested ideas in new contexts (e.g. the implementation of a practice from one faculty/school to another). 
  • Scaling Projects
    These projects implement tested ideas in a larger number of sites than currently in practice (e.g. implementing an idea across the different faculties/schools in an institution). 
  • Evaluation Projects
    These projects verify the value or effectiveness of new and/or existing projects, programmes, procedures and/or interventions, as well as the overall outcome or change (e.g. how successful the implementation of an idea has been). 

How to Apply?

The TRF is currently administered by the Applied Research Office (ARO) at SIT. CoLEAD supports and works closely with faculty members to imbue applied learning pedagogy into their projects.

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