Our student survey responses indicate that the Quests have helped them improve their learning and boosted their confidence from an average of five before taking a Quest to seven out of 10. After going through the courses, 68 per cent of the respondents felt motivated to do more independent learning to improve their fundamentals in Math, Physics, and Chemistry.

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Students' Feedback

  • "Math Quest has helped me improve my foundation in math. I am more familiar with the formulae used and can apply them correctly. In addition, it cleared my doubts on some math concepts so that I do not commit the same mistake in future. When I start school in Trimester 1, I won’t be so lost for my Engineering Math 1 module!"
  • "Physics Quest has prepared me for the start of the school term. The formula sheets are very useful as I can refer to them for future use. It is also an introductory course for students who don’t have a physics background."
  • "My favourite aspect of Chem Quest would be how the question system works. When you answer a question wrongly, the system will give you another similar question and prevent you from moving on until you answer correctly. This is a good way to ensure that students really understand the question and know how to apply what they have learnt."

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