TAPAS is designed for associate faculty to become acquainted with SIT's teaching and learning philosophy, which includes applied learning, the the SITizen-DNA, and authentic assessment. The programme will not only help them anchor what they are teaching to SIT’s philosophy, but also value-add to their teaching experience.

Participants can complete TAPAS in their own time and from anywhere as the entire programme is conducted online. They will be given access to a host of e-learning materials, such as videos, readings, and short quizzes.

How do I sign up for TAPAS?

There is no need to sign up. Associate faculty who are teaching in SIT and SIT joint programmes will automatically be enrolled and informed via email when their access to TAPAS is available.

Topics to be covered

  • Applied Learning
  • Blended learning & teaching with technology
  • Collaborative & active learning
  • Developing our students holistically using SIT-DNA
  • Lesson planning
  • Assessment
  • Giving feedback to students

Need more information?

If you have a burning question about TAPAS, send it to us. We will be happy to answer it for you.


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