Civil Engineering, MEngTech and BEng (Hons)

Programme Overview
The Bachelor of Civil Engineering Honours degree programme is jointly offered by SIT and the University of Glasgow (UofG). This programme will play an important role in addressing the lack of local graduate manpower with the necessary civil engineering professional qualifications for the building and construction industry in the face of sustained building and infrastructure development.

Through a heavy emphasis on project-based learning and industrial immersion, this programme aims to produce industry-ready graduates who are equipped with a high level of technical expertise to address multidisciplinary challenges, provide technically sound, economically feasible and sustainable solutions to complex problems.

Upon successful completion of their BEng (Hons), students may continue with the Master of Engineering Technology in Civil Engineering graduate degree that will qualify them to apply to sit for the professional examination, conducted by the Professional Engineers Board of Singapore. They may take the exam immediately, or finish the BEng (Hons) first and gain some relevant working experience before coming back to pursue the MEngTech degree later. In this way, they can study at a pace that best suits their individual needs and abilities. Strong emphasis is placed on the industrial relevance in the curriculum development of BEng (Hons) and MEngTech programmes in consultation with government agencies and companies from the construction sector.

Students will acquire deep specialist training at the MEngTech level which consists of five compulsory core modules and five selected modules taught at an advanced graduate level depending on the area of specialisation in Structural Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering or Rail Engineering.

Programme Highlights

  • Professional degrees to be accredited by EAB Singapore
  • Flexible BEng(Hons) Programme
  • Transferable ECTS Credits
  • 3-Week Overseas Immersion Programme in Glasgow
  • 8-Month Integrated Work Study Programme in Industry

Eligibility and Exemption

Diploma holders from any of the five local polytechnics and A level graduates are welcome to apply.

Integrating Work and Study

Integrated Work Study Programme (IWSP)
Students will undergo an eight-month continuous structured learning and work programme in the construction industry that exposes them to both design office and field/site supervision experience. The learning experience is more structured than an internship, with objectives and corresponding assessments in career and professional skills, integration of knowledge and practice, and innovation skills. In addition, the Capstone Project is embedded within the IWSP, and students will start to formalise and propose their projects during the first semester of IWSP with input from their industrial supervisors.

Field/site supervision experience is mandatory for professional registration and this experience can contribute to recognition of work experience required for registration as a resident engineer with IES/ACES.

Overseas Immersion Programme (OIP)
Students will participate in an intensive three-week Overseas Immersion Programme (OIP) at the home campus of University of Glasgow where they get to experience life as a student in Glasgow, United Kingdom. The programme itinerary includes library and career talks, academic lectures, research and literature review workshops to prepare students for their final-year dissertation projects, as well as visits to companies, museums and key cultural sites.

The group project-based subjects covering both the conceptual and detailed aspects of design will be carried out during the OIP, involving different areas of the civil engineering discipline such as ground investigation, planning, transportation design, social, foundation design, structural design, and buildability of the construction.


Year 1
Yr 1 Trimester 1 [BEng(Hons)]

1. Civil Engineering and Sustainable Built Environment
2. Engineering Physics
3. Engineering Mathematics I
4. Civil Engineering Skills
5. Statics and Structural Mechanics

Yr 1 Trimester 2 [BEng(Hons)]

1. Graphical Communication
2. Effective Communication
3. Engineering Mathematics II
4. Fluid Mechanics
5. Civil Engineering Materials
6. Engineering Geology and Soil Mechanics

Yr 1 Trimester 3 [BEng(Hons)]


Year 2
Yr 2 Trimester 1 [BEng(Hons)]

1. Engineering Mathematics III
2. Hydraulics and Hydrology
3. Structural Analysis I
4. Geotechnical Engineering
5. BIM for Civil Engineers

Yr 2 Trimester 2 [BEng(Hons)]

1. Transportation Engineering
2. Environmental Engineering
3. Structural Analysis II
4. Structural Design
5. Professional Communication and Development

Yr 2 Trimester 3 [BEng(Hons)]

1. Foundation Engineering
2. Construction Technology
3. Design of Steel and Concrete Structures
4. Seminar and Site Visit
5. Design Project/Overseas Immersion Programme (OIP) @ Glasgow

Year 3
Yr 3 Trimester 1 [BEng(Hons)]

Integrated Work Study Programme (IWSP)

Yr 3 Trimester 2 [BEng(Hons)]

Integrated Work Study Programme (IWSP)

Yr 3 Trimester 3 [BEng(Hons)]

1. Project Planning and Management
2. Civil Engineering Practices
3. Ground Engineering
4. Rail Engineering
5. Capstone Project

Year 4
Yr 4 Trimester 1 (MEngTech)

1. Practice of Professional Engineering
2. Structural Stability and Dynamics
3. Advanced Design of Concrete and Precast Structures
4. Advanced Material Technology
5. Computational Modelling of Complex Soil-Structure Problems

Yr 4 Trimester 2 (MEngTech)

(Three modules from a specialisation track and choose any other two specialisation modules or a MEngTech dissertation.)

Structural Engineering
1. Wind and Earthquake Engineering
2. Tall Buildings
3. Advanced Design of Steel and Composite Structures

Geotechnical Engineering
1. Advanced Foundation Engineering
2. Advanced Ground Engineering
3. Earth Retaining and Stabilising Structures

Rail Engineering
1. Advanced Rail Engineering I – Planning and Design
2. Advanced Rail Engineering II – Operations and Maintenance
3. Risk and Safety Management of Rail Infrastructures

Campus Location

10 Dover Drive
Singapore 138683