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Pride and passion

SITizen Ambassadors are a dedicated community of students who uphold a shared pride for SIT’s standing as Singapore’s premier University of Applied Learning.

We are also passionate about creating a positive impact by serving the larger SIT community.

4 years since establishment
290 SITizen Ambassadors
Our mission

SITizen Ambassadors are at the forefront of all external interactions.

Our belief in SIT’s vision and mission allows us to play an important role in shaping the future of SIT as a recognised partner of choice for both industry and the community.

How it started...

The SITizen Ambassadors programme was launched in 2019 with an initial membership of 38 students.

They were enthusiastic about representing SIT and eager to share their SIT stories with key stakeholders of the university.

How it's going...

We are a close-knit community made up of 290 SITizen Ambassadors, and our numbers are growing.

As strategic members of SIT, we are proud to represent the university, share our unique experiences, and raise the standing of SIT as Singapore’s premier University of Applied Learning.