As SIT paves the way towards becoming Singapore’s premier University of Applied Learning, the university continues to focus on deepening its applied learning pedagogy to nurture the future workforce.

The future requires a new breed of workers who are both masters of their craft and agile in their thinking and application of knowledge. The university is expanding the breadth of its curriculum offerings to allow greater flexibility in learning, as well as introduce modules outside of students’ major disciplines to give them fundamental understanding of adjacent disciplines. This interdisciplinary approach complements students’ training of their domain expertise and helps them face the problems of today’s world, which are multi-faceted and often not one-dimensional. This, in turn, helps to develop industry-ready graduates who have the skills and knowledge to support industry transformations in driving continuous innovations. As part of its work-learn continuum, SIT is gearing up in its push for workplace learning. A key initiative is the competency-based workplace learning pathway to upskill the workforce. The aim is to provide an inclusive alternative pathway for workplace learners to enhance their proficiencies and seek academic recognition, while fulfilling their work commitments at the workplace.

In the years ahead, SIT strives to provide a vibrant environment for lifelong learning, where students are exposed to cutting-edge industry know-how, test-bedding of smart technologies, and close collaborations with industry and community.