Programme Overview

University of Liverpool
Note: This programme is a teach-out programme. SIT and the University of Liverpool (UoL) will ensure that the quality of teaching on the programme remains of a high standard until the programme ends in 2022. The BA in Criminology and Security degree offered by UoL will continue to be a fully recognised degree in Singapore and beyond.

The full-time programme will follow a three year degree structure. Year One will follow the common first year model studied by all students in the Department of Sociology, Social Policy and Criminology. Year Two will provide students with a more focused specialism in criminological theory and research. Year Three will provide a greater element of choice to enable students to specialise in a range of criminological subjects.

The programme will include several optional modules that will have been adapted or developed to the South East Asian context. Such modules will be evaluated and validated in the same way as every University of Liverpool degree programme, ensuring the quality of the content, pedagogy, qualification and consequently the student experience will be identical to degrees delivered at the home campus.

Integrated Work Study Programme

Overseas Immersion Programme

In addition to the compulsory and optional modules, all students will need to undertake a four-week summer programme in the UK, based at the University of Liverpool campus. This will include a programme of lectures and seminars on key UK and European criminal justice and security initiatives, as well as visits to key criminal justice institutions and sites in the UK. Students will undertake this between Years Two and Three of the degree programme, and will have the opportunity during the visit to conduct independent research in the UK under supervision to assist them with final-year studies.