Programme Overview

DigiPen Institute of Technology Singapore
Note: With effect from AY2020/2021, this programme will be offered as a joint degree by SIT and the DigiPen Institute of Technology Singapore. Find out more about the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science in Interactive Media and Game Development.

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Game Design programme combines game design theory and practice, with coursework in computer science, mathematics and physics.  In this programme, students learn to leverage the technical tools and processes used by professional designers, including scripting languages, level and map editors, databases, while designing, prototyping, and iterating their projects in a collaborative, deadline-driven environment. The result is a proficient computer scientist and designer who has mastered the intersection of technology and design.


Students in the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Game Design programme concentrate on the following subjects:

  • Game design and development, including game design theory and history, design documentation, 2D and 3D level design, game mechanics, playtesting, and team game project implementation.
  • Computer science, mathematics, and physics, including programming in C and C++, scripting languages, data structures, artificial intelligence, algorithm analysis, linear algebra, calculus, and Newtonian dynamics.
  • The humanities and arts, including the fundamentals of writing, psychology, communication, architecture, drawing, and 2D and 3D art.

Career Options

Graduates of this programme are prepared to enter the video game industry as

  • Software Development Engineer
  • Gameplay Programmer
  • System Designer
  • Game Designer

Learn more about DigiPen's Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Game Design.