Fees and Financial Aid

Fees and Financial Aid

Tuition Fees* per annum are listed below:

  1. Academic Year 2019/20 Tuition Fees
  2. Academic Year 2018/19 Tuition Fees
  3. Academic Year 2017/18 Tuition Fees
  4. Academic Year 2016/17 Tuition Fees
  5. Academic Year 2015/16 Tuition Fees
  6. Academic Year 2014/15 Tuition Fees

*includes subsidised fees by MOE.

Other fees:

  1. Miscellaneous
  2. Incidentals

MOE Tuition Grant

The MOE Tuition Grant is a grant provided by the Government of Singapore to help students manage the costs of full-time tertiary education in Singapore. Eligible Singapore Citizens, Permanent Residents and international students enrolled in full-time undergraduate courses at the autonomous universities may receive it. For more information on eligibility and application, please view MOE Tuition Grant.


For more information on Financial Assistance

Download FAS Brochure or View it in Flipbook

To watch a short video on the Financial Assistance available at SIT, please click HERE