Leave of Absence

Leave of Absence

You may choose to apply for leave of absence due to medical or personal reasons, subject to the maximum candidature period permitted by SIT. However, if you are a first-year or re-admitted student, you will not be granted Leave of Absence (LOA) during the first semester/trimester of your course of studies except for unforeseen medical conditions.

LOA taken for personal reasons will count towards the candidature period. SIT will review all applications on a case-by-case basis.

A non-refundable Miscellaneous Fee will be collected at the start of the academic year. Those who apply for LOA after the second week of their semester/trimester are still required to pay the Miscellaneous Fee.

If your application for leave of absence is submitted after the second week of a semester/trimester, you will still be required to pay the tuition fees for the entire semester/trimester.

Students enrolling to SIT Conferred and Joint-Degree Programmes are required to refer to Academic Guide for the LOA application closing dates and the impact on grading.


  1. You must submit the online LOA Application via the IN4SIT.
  2. Please refer to SIT Website for the duration of LOA.
  3. An interview will be arranged and you will be notified by email.
  4. For Medical LOA, you must upload the medical certification from a recognized healthcare provider or medical practitioner upon application.
  5. A letter confirming your LOA application outcome will be sent to you. SIT will contact you before the LOA expires to confirm your resumption of studies.
  6. For MLOA, please submit a report from a recognized healthcare provider or medical practitioner to confirm that you are fit to resume your studies.

How to apply?

  1. Login to IN4SIT
  2. Select Request Management
  3. Select Leave of Absence Request

For any clarifications please contact the Registrar’s Office:
6592 2091

Record of Achievement

The Record of Achievement (ROA) is a testimony of your significant achievements, contributions and participation in events. It captures your learning beyond academic studies and complements the academic transcript that you will submit for employment or other applications.

The ROA also highlights any leadership roles that you may have undertaken, as well as contributions made to SIT and/or to the community. This also includes participation and completion of International Programmes or other courses offered under the Value-Added Programmes, as well as scholarships and awards received.

Those who have represented the university in competitions, institutional events or have won awards, prizes and achieved recognition for the university, will also have their contributions recorded in the ROA.

Viewing and printing of your ROA can be done by accessing the Student Records in IN4SIT.