Payment of Fees

Payment of Fees

Type of Fee When Payment is Made
Tuition Fees

Payable on Semester/ Trimester basis.

Chargeable even if students are on:


  • Overseas Immersion Programme (OIP)
  • Overseas Exposure Programme (OEP)
  • Integrated Work Study Programme (IWSP)
Miscellaneous Fees

For Undergraduate Programme, fee payable on first Semester / Trimester of each Academic Year

For Postgraduate Programme, one-time fee payable on first Semester/Trimester of first Academic Year

Other Fees Students will be informed separately for any additional fee chargeable


Students will be notified via email and SMS to view the online Fee Statement. The notifications are as follows:

Notification via Email & SMS Purpose
By Week 4 from start of Semester / Trimester

Students to view the Fee Statement for fees chargeable via Student Portal>IN4SIT.

This is a Preliminary Fee Statement without factoring in the financial assistance students have been awarded or applied for. It is NOT A REQUEST FOR PAYMENT. It allows students to know the fees chargeable for the current trimester/semester prior to the financial assistance amount (if any) being disbursed to student account.

Students to take note of the Fee Due Date and GIRO Deduction Date.

At least one week before Fee Due Date

Students to view the Fee Statement via Student Portal>IN4SIT which reflects the actual fees payable.

Students to take note on Fee Due Date and GIRO Deduction Date.

Students without approved GIRO account to make payment before Fee Due Date.


AY2018 Semester / Trimester 1 22 Oct 2018
AY2018 Semester / Trimester 2

04 Mar 2019

AY2017 Trimester 3 25 Jun 2018

Payment Modes

I) Interbank GIRO
  1. All students are to participate in the Interbank GIRO Scheme for payment of tuition fees and miscellaneous fees. The Interbank GIRO application can be done either through online (applicable to DBS and POSB Internet Banking Account Holder) or Student Portal>IN4SIT. 
  2. For online Interbank GIRO application, students are required to submit their applications through DBS/POSB Internet Banking portal.
  3. For Online Application Form via Student Portal>IN4SIT, students need to complete the online Direct Debit Bank Account form, print and submit the duly signed form to the following address:
    10 Dover Drive
    Singapore 138683
    Attention: Finance Division (Accounts Receivable)
  4. Notification of application status will be sent to student’s SIT email account.
  5. The GIRO deduction date will be stated on the Fee Statement. Students are to maintain sufficient funds in their bank accounts on the GIRO deduction date.
  6. Students have to arrange for alternative payment modes if their GIRO applications are not approved before the GIRO Collection date). Please see sections II to V for other payment modes.
II) Online Payment Using Internet Banking / Debit Card /Credit Card

Students can pay by internet banking or debit/credit card via Student Portal>IN4SIT. Web linkage to this online payment portal can also be found in the Fee Statement by clicking “Make a payment button”.

  • Note: Please disable the pop-up blocker before proceeding with the online payment. For information on how to disable the blocker, please refer to our user guide.
  • For any technical problems encountered in using the SIT online payment portal, please email or call 6746 6515 for assistance.
III) Cheque/Cashier’s Order/Money’s Order

All payments in cheque/cashier’s order/money order should be drawn from a bank in Singapore and in Singapore Dollars. It should be crossed and made payable to: Singapore Institute of Technology.

For identification purposes, students should indicate their full name, NRIC and contact number at the back of the cheque/cashier’s order/money's order before mailing it to the following address:

10 Dover Drive
Singapore 138683
Attention: Finance Division (Accounts Receivable)


NETS payment is only available at the respective Student Services Centre at SIT@Dover and SIT@Poly Buildings.

Operating Hours:

Monday to Friday
1100hrs to 1500hrs

Students need to be mindful of their personal daily NETS transaction limit before making payment via NETS.

V) Payment through AXS station

Payment for tuition fees and other fees can be made at any AXS Machine island-wide.

The detailed steps on making payment via AXS Machine are as follows:

Step 1: Select "Education"
Step 2: Select "Singapore Institute of Technology"
Step 3: Select "Tuition and Related Fees”
Step 4: Enter Student ID
Step 5: Press “Continue” to proceed to make your ATM payment
Step 6: Enter the payment amount
Step 7: Collect/Retain receipt after transaction has been made

The AXS payment will be reflected in student Fee Statement within 3 working days.