Module Registration

Module Registration

Registration of Modules

This is the period when students select the modules they would like to read in the upcoming trimester.  Students are required to register for modules via IN4SIT Course Management function (Student Intranet > IN4SIT > Course Management > Enrolment) during their designated window period, which is determined by their programmes and level of study.  However, some programmes have modules pre-registered by the University, depending on the conditions set by the Programme Directors.

If a student fails to register any module during the registration window period, an appeal may be made to SIT. For students under SEEMS+ programme, a late registration fee penalty of S$107.00 (inclusive of GST) will be charged based on DigiPen’s policy.

Students will be informed of module registration matters via their SIT or OU# (for SEEMS+) email address.

Add/Drop period

The first two weeks at the start of a trimester is deemed as the Add/Drop period.  Students are allowed to make final changes to their timetables without penalty and financial implications during this period.  Modules that are dropped during this period will not appear in the transcript.  This period is not applicable for new students in their first trimester.   

Modules can be dropped either through IN4SIT; or in the case of SEEMS+ students via DigiPen’s registration system; or approach the Programme Officer-in-Charge for assistance.

An academic penalty and fee will be imposed on students who drop module/s after the Add/Drop period.  Table A summarizes the implications.

Table A: Academic Penalty and Fees on Add/Drop

Action taken

SIT programmes and SIT-OU joint programmes


During Add/Drop period

No academic or fee penalty

After Add/Drop

i) Students may submit Module Withdrawal during week 3 to 7, ‘W’ grade will be reflected on transcript for approved application.

ii) Tuition fees will still be charged for the module being dropped according to its credits.

iii) Module Withdrawal application will not be accepted for processing after Week 7.

i) ‘W’ or ‘F’ grade will be reflected on transcript.

ii) Tuition fees will still be charged for the module being dropped according to its credits.

Students are advised to check their respective Academic Calendar for the timeline.

*Applicable to students taking SIT programmes and SIT-OU joint programmes only.
+Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Systems Engineering (ElectroMechanical Systems)
#Overseas University