Graduation Ceremony

Graduation Ceremony

Before Arrival

Dress Code:

Male graduands

  • a long-sleeved shirt with collar, dark trousers and covered shoes with socks

Female graduands

  • a shirt/blouse, dark trousers or skirt (knee-length), or a dress (knee-length) and dark shoes of a comfortable height

The Graduand Checklist:


Attendance and Robing

Please arrive at least one and a half (1.5) hours before the ceremony.

  • Register attendance: Please present your SIT Student ID and Graduand Admission Card at the registration counter located at SIT@Dover, University Tower lobby. Graduands who do not register their attendance at the counter will not be presented on stage.
  • Graduate Robing: A robing area has been prepared for you to put on your academic dress before entering the Auditorium. You are advised to be proceed to your allocated graduand seat after robing.


Each registered graduand is allocated a seat number, which is printed on the Graduand Admission Card. As the graduands are presented according to a numbered sequence, you are to refrain from swapping seats with your fellow graduands. Graduands will be seated in a separated seating block from guests. The Auditorium doors will be open one (1) hour prior to the ceremony, all graduands are to be seated at least 20 minutes before the start of the ceremony.

Graduation Etiquette

Graduation is a formal and solemn event and graduands are to accord due respect when receiving the degree certificates presented on stage, and towards other graduands. For details of the proceedings, please view Ceremonial Proceedings.

During the Ceremony

The Graduand Admission Card is required for entry to the Auditorium and during the ceremony. Please ensure that the card is with you (in your pocket or on your hand) before you are presented on stage, as it will be used to read out your name.

At the start of the ceremony, please rise for the academic procession and National Anthem. You may take your seat when the ceremony has officially begun.

You will be prompted to queue up when it is time for graduands to be presented on stage. Please hand your Graduand Admission Card to the officials and ensure that you are lined up according to your allocated seat number.

When you are near the side of the stage, wait at the red line for your name to be called. When your name is called, walk towards the centre of the stage to receive your degree certificate. A photograph of you will be taken at this time, pose and smile with your degree certificate.

After receiving the degree certificate, continue to walk to the other end and exit the stage. The ushers will lead you back to your allocated seat. Please refrain from exiting the Auditorium or going to the guests’ seats as it may disrupt other guests.

When your fellow graduands are presented on stage, clap and cheer for your classmates and friends in celebration of their achievements.

After all graduands are presented, the Valedictorian will deliver a speech. The end of the ceremony is signified by the playing of the National Anthem and ceremonial recession.

End of Ceremony

Light refreshments are prepared for graduates and guests at the Academic Plaza of SIT@Dover. Ushers will lead you to the reception area.

As there is an afternoon session for each day, we seek your cooperation to free up your parking spaces for the guests.