FAQs on Student Services Centres (SSCs)

FAQs on Student Services Centres (SSCs)

Application and Submission
  1. How and where do I submit the relevant documents for Financial Assistance (FA)/Scholarships?
    Students may submit the hardcopy application form and supporting documents for FA/Scholarships to the Student Services Centres (SSCs) before the stated deadline.

    For more information on the various FAS and the respective application periods:
    -    Tuition Fees & Grant
    -    Loans (Undergraduate / Postgraduate)
    -    Bursaries/ Study Grant

    For more information on Scholarships:
    -    SIT Scholarships
    -    Bond-Free Scholarships
    -    External Scholarships
    -    MOE Administered Scholarships
  2. I have some matriculation documents to be submitted (e.g. PSEA form, GIRO Form, Medical Examination Report), can I submit the documents at the SSCs?
    Yes, students can submit such documents to the counter staff on duty or via the drop boxes (outside of opening hours) at any of the SSCs.
  3. May I know the insurance schemes that students are covered under?
    All SIT students are covered under the Student Group Personal Accident (GPA) and Student Group Hospitalisation & Surgical (GHS) insurance schemes offered by an external insurance company engaged by SIT. Students are advised to contact the company directly for claims or other insurance-related matters. Please refer to the Student Life website for more information on current insurance company engaged by SIT.
  4. How and where can I update/change my personal particulars?
    Students may scan the relevant documents using the self-help kiosk located in the SSCs and email scanned documents to Registrar@SingaporeTech.edu.sg.
  5. I have returned from a students’ overseas trip (e.g. Overseas Immersion Programme) and wish to apply against my PSEA for reimbursement on some of my expenses. How can the SSCs assist me on this?
    Students may submit the PSEA Ad Hoc Application forms for reimbursement to the SSCs.
  6. I am an existing SIT student and am thinking of withdrawing or applying for Leave of Absence (LOA) from my studies. Can I approach the SSCs for assistance?
    Yes, students may approach SSC staff who may arrange for you to meet with the Programme Director for further course counselling if necessary. Students may also apply for withdrawal or LOA at the Student Intranet (under Administrative Matters).
  1. Can I make payment for Admission Application fees or Tuition Fees at the SSC?
    Yes, students can drop by the SSC for all payment matters.
  2. What are the modes of payment available at SSC?
    The modes of payment are as follows:
    -    NETS
    -    Cheque
         (Please indicate full name, NRIC/matriculation number & contact number at the back of the cheque and drop it in any of the cheque drop boxes available at the SSCs)
    -    Master card/VISA
         (Via the self-help kiosks available at the SSCs)

    Note: The SSC does not accept cash payment. For other payment modes such as iBanking, AXS, Debit card and Credit Card, please click here for the step-by-step guide.
General Services and Other Enquiries
  1. I may have a need for counselling services. Can I approach the SSC?
    The SSC can help refer you to a professional counsellor and help arrange for an appointment. Alternatively, students can arrange for an appointment on their own.

    For more information on counselling services at SIT, please visit https://sitsingaporetechedu.sharepoint.com/sites/Students/Pages/Student Life/Student Support/Student-Counselling-Services.aspx. Please be assured that all information given will be held with absolute confidentiality.
  2. Are there any photocopying or printing services available at SSC?
    No. However, there are printing services within SIT campuses. Printing charges will apply.

    Please refer to the following table for the details:
    Campus Location of printing service
    SIT@Dover Student Activities Centre (Self-service)
    PlayLab (Printing and Photocopying)
    SIT@NP Building Level 2, Near Student Lounge
    SIT@NYP Building Level 1, Study Area
    SIT@RP Building Level 2, Near LT1A
    SIT@SP Building Level 1, Opposite Student Lounge
    SIT@TP Building Level 2, Near DR2B
  3. Can students book Discussion Rooms at the various SIT buildings and campuses?
    Yes. Students may make their bookings via SIT’s online Resource Booking System. Students may approach the SSC if they encounter difficulties in booking or report any matters pertaining to the use of the discussion rooms or other study facilities in the building/campus.
  4. Can I scan documents at the SSC?
    Yes. The self-help kiosks are available where students can scan, upload and submit documents via the Student Intranet.
  5. Is there a stationery store in SIT@Dover or at SIT@Poly Buildings?
    There is a stationery store located at SIT@Dover. Students can purchase their stationery at BOOKLINK located at Basement 1, PlayLab.

    There are no stationery stores in SIT@Poly Buildings. However, there are vending machines available for students to purchase stationery.
  6. Are there lockers available in SIT@Dover or at SIT@Poly Buildings? If yes, how do I apply for one?
    Yes. Lockers are available at all SIT campuses. Students can follow the steps below to apply. For further enquiries regarding the application procedure, or any locker issues, students can contact Kaichi Spacemaster for assistance at 6282 0868 (Office Hours, between 9:00 am and 6:30 pm)
    Step 1 – Visit http://www.rent-a-locker.com/default.aspx.
    Step 2 – Select institution. E.g. ‘SIT@Dover’ and click on ‘Go’.
    Step 3 – Register for a new account using only SIT email address. E.g. xxx@SIT.SingaporeTech.edu.sg
  7. Where can I collect my matriculation card?
    Students can collect their matriculation cards at the SSCs within the building or campus where their programmes are conducted. Registrar’s Office will email students on the collection details.
  8. How can I apply for a replacement if I lose my matriculation card?
    Students are required to complete a replacement form and pay a replacement fee of $32.10 (inclusive of GST) at the SSC (payment mode by NETS only). Once a replacement card is ready for collection, Registrar’s Office will email students on the collection details.
  9. How can I apply for a replacement if I lose my EZ-link card?
    Students may make an immediate application at Concession Card Replacement Offices at the following Bus/MRT interchange:
    •    Ang Mo Kio Bus Interchange
    •    Choa Chu Kang Bus Interchange
    •    Hougang Bus Interchange
    •    Jurong East Bus Interchange
    •    Pasir Ris Bus Interchange
    •    Tiong Bahru MRT Station

    *NOTE: Operating Hours: 10:00 am to 06:00 pm daily (Closed on Public Holidays)

    For more information, please refer to Transit Link website or call 1800 2255 663.
    Student can also visit http://www.singaporetech.edu.sg/students/undergraduate-concession-card
  10. If I have just completed my studies, can I still use the SIT-issued Tertiary Student concession card?
    It can be used for up to four months upon completion of studies but students will not be able to purchase any concession passes.

    At any point in time during the four-month grace period, students may request for an immediate refund (if any) at any TransitLink Ticket Office or Concession card replacement Office.
  11. If a student is transferring out of SIT to another institution, can the Tertiary Student concession card still be used?
    No. The student should return his/her existing SIT concession card to SIT via the SSC and check with his/her respective new institution on his/her new concession card.
  12. I am a repeat student and my Tertiary Student concession card has expired. How do I proceed to extend its validity?
    Visit http://www.singaporetech.edu.sg/students/undergraduate-concession-card on the steps to take to extend your Tertiary Student Concession card validity.
  13. How can I collect my degree scroll after graduation?
    •    For most degree programmes, the degree scrolls will be distributed during the graduation ceremony that is conducted in Singapore.
    •    Students who wish to collect their degree scrolls before their graduation ceremony may check with their overseas university (OU) offices in the respective SIT@Poly building for OU conferred degrees, and with Registrar’s Office for SIT-conferred degrees.
    •    Students can authorise a family member/friend to collect on their behalf at SIT@Dover if they missed the graduation ceremony by providing an authorisation letter, a photocopy of the student’s NRIC and a photocopy of the representative’s NRIC.
  14. Is there any replacement for lost/damaged degree scroll?
    •    Students who have graduated from OU partners are to approach their respective OU for replacements.
    •    For SIT-conferred degrees, students should approach the Registrar’s Office.
  15. Can students obtain certified true copies of their transcript?
    Yes, students have to bring along their original and photocopied transcripts to have them certified as true copies at the SSC in their respective SIT@Poly Building.
  16. As an SIT alumni, can I request for a copy of the Record of Achievement (ROA)?
    Yes, students may visit the SSC to help retrieve and print out a copy of the ROA. Students will need to produce their matriculation card/NRIC for verification purpose.
Contact Info
  1. How does SIT contact students?
    Each student is assigned a personal email address by SIT. All communication will be made via the assigned SIT/OU email address and not via his/her personal email address.
  2. How do I contact faculty in SIT?
    Refer to the Faculty directory found on SIT website.
  3. Is SSC open on weekends?
    No. SSC operating hours are as follows:
    Monday – Friday: 11:00am to 3:00 pm; Closed on Saturdays, Sundays & Public Holidays

    Students may wish to refer to the following table and contact the relevant divisions for assistance:
    SSC Locations
    20 Dover Drive
    Faculty Hall, Level 1

    SIT@NYP Building
    172A Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8

    SIT@NP Building
    537 Clementi Road
    SIT@RP Building
    9 Woodlands Avenue 9
    SIT@SP Building
    510 Dover Road
    SIT@TP Building
    29B Tampines Ave 1
    Divisions Contact No. Email
    General Line +65 6592 1189  
    Academic Programmes
    (For Academic Advice)
    +65 6592 2021 AcdPrg@SingaporeTech.edu.sg
    (Admission Matters & Student Pass Application for new students)
    +65 6592 1136 Adm@SingaporeTech.edu.sg
    (Local Students)

    (International Students)
    (Financial Assistance & Scholarship Matters)
    +65 6592 1136 FAS@SingaporeTech.edu.sg
    Centre for Career Readiness
    (Career Guidance, Career Events, Integrated Work Study Programme)
    +65 6592 8150 CareerReadiness@SingaporeTech.edu.sg
    (IT, Building Faults, AV)
    +65 6592 8511  
    IT Helpdesk
    (SIT email, Account Access, Software Licenses)
    +65 6746 6515 or 6592 8511 IThelpdesk@SingaporeTech

    Registrar’s Office
    (Change of Programme, Matriculation, NS Deferment, Tuition Fees Structure, Update of Particulars)

    (For SIT degree programmes only)

    Examination, Graduation Module Registration, Transcript

    +65 6592 2091 Registrar@SingaporeTech.edu.sg
    Student Finance
    (Billing & GIRO enquiry)
    +65 6592 8149 StudentFinance@SingaporeTech
    Student Life
    (Disability Support Services, SIT welcome Ceremony/Orientation, Student Activities, Student Management Committee, Student Insurance/Health Benefits)
    +65 6592 1191 SLD@SingaporeTech.edu.sg