Degree Parchment and Transcripts

Degree Parchment and Transcripts

Upon fulfillment of all graduation requirements and completion of studies, a student will be conferred with a degree and issued a degree certificate with a complimentary copy of your official academic transcript.

Graduands are strongly advised to settle all outstanding tuition fees. Graduands with outstanding fees on the day of the ceremony will not be able to receive their SIT degree parchment.

Degree Parchment

The SIT degree parchment will be presented at the Graduation 2018. If you are unable to attend the graduation ceremony, you may collect your SIT degree parchment and folder from the third week of October.

Official Academic Transcript

An email regarding the collection period of official academic transcript will be sent to the graduand’s SIT lifelong email account.

Modes of Collection

A. Graduation Ceremony

B. Self-Collection by Graduand
You may collect the SIT degree parchment and complimentary official academic transcript from the Student Services Centre (SSC) at SIT@Dover during office hours:

20 Dover Drive
Faculty Hall, Level 1
Singapore 138683

C. Collection by Representative
If you are unable to collect the official academic transcript personally, you may authorise a representative to collect the document on your behalf. You are required to complete an authorization letter for the representative. During the collection, the following documents are required for verification:

  • The authorization letter, with all fields duly completed
  • A photocopy of the graduand’s NRIC or Passport
  • The representative’s NRIC or Passport

D. Send by Post (Only applicable for Degree Parchment)
You may also request for the SIT degree parchment and folder to be mailed to your preferred address with an administrative fee. Please submit your request and proof of payment by writing to Registrar’s Office. After the request for delivery is submitted, the payment made is non-refundable. The certificate will be delivered to you about 5 working days after the request is received.

Degree Conferment

The degrees of SIT and joint programmes are conferred by the Chairman of Board of Trustees.

Academic Year and Trimester

Dates on which degrees are conferred*

AY2017/18 Trimester 1

5 February 2018

AY2017/18 Trimester 2

4 June 2018

11 July 2018 (Nursing)

AY2017/18 Trimester 3

28 September 2018

*The degrees of Overseas University partner programmes are conferred by the respective partners. The Registrar’s Office reserves the right to change the dates before conferment.

  • Graduands of SIT conferred degree programmes and joint-degree programmes
    A degree conferment letter will be sent electronically to the graduands’ SIT lifelong email account within two (2) weeks of the degree conferment date.
  • Graduands of Overseas University partner programmes
    A Letter of Certification will be sent electronically via the graduands’ SIT lifelong email account.

Should you require a letter to certify the completion of your programme, you may request for a Student Status Letter for the purpose of employment or further studies by writing to

Additional Information

Degree Parchment

If you require your SIT degree parchment urgently for the purposes of employment or further studies, please write in to Registrar's Office with your particulars.

Official Academic Transcript

A reprint of your official academic transcript is only available upon request and an administrative fee applies. You may submit your request and proof of payment by writing to Registrar’s Office.