Change of Degree Programme

Change of Degree Programme

Change of Degree Programme

Current students seeking transfer to another degree programme are to submit their application during the stipulated application window stated in the table below.

Transfer Category Application Period for change of programme Outcome of Application
Transfer within DigiPen (Singapore) programmes (including SEEMS) 2 months prior to the commencement of the next semester of the new degree programme 2 weeks before commencement of next semester of the new degree programme
Transfer within University of Glasgow (Mechanical Design Engineering & Mechatronics). Prior to the end of week 2 of semester 1 Third week of semester 1 of academic year
All other transfers January – March April - May

Applications submitted outside of this period will STRICTLY not be accepted.

Application Procedure:

Students are to submit their Change Of Programme request through IN4SIT

Please follow the navigation steps as follows:
IN4SIT > Request Management > Change of Programme

•    Students are required to pay an application fee of $16.05 (non refundable)

•    All transfers will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. Students may be required to undergo an interview and/or written test to assess their suitability for the new programme.

•    Once the application has been processed, student will be notified of the outcome through email.

•    Students are to note that once the application is successful they will be required to make a new student card for the new programme.

•    Application for the new student card can be submitted at any of the SIT-Student Services Center by completing the Matriculation Card Replacement form and paying a fee of $32.10.

Please write to for any clarification. 


  1. Students are strongly encouraged to seek the advice of their current Programme Director before requesting for a change of programme.
  2. Submission of a change of programme application does not constitute the approval of your application into the new programme.
  3. The Programme Director of the new programme reserves the right to reject your application.
  4. Students are to note that they are restricted to change to only one programme per application window, except for the change within some OU programmes.
  5. MOE Tuition Grant Subsidy

    Please note that this change of programme has implications on your Tuition Grant (TG) subsidy from MOE. Under the MOE Tuition Grant Policy, you are eligible for TG up to total minimum credits required for graduation at SIT less the percentage of semester of TG that you have received in the current programme. When you have fully utilized your MOE TG entitlement, you will receive a further subsidy of up to three (3) trimesters/ two (2) semesters, from SIT. Please note that the CPF Education Scheme does not apply when tuition fees are subsidized by SIT. Non-subsidized tuition fees will be charged after you have fully utilized all MOE TG and SIT subsidy.