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SIT Orientation

Event Details:

Date: 23 - 25 August 2019 (Open to all programmes).
Time: 8am first day to 11am last day.

Registration - Open from 15 May to 30 June 2019
Please note registration is based on a first come first served basis due to space constraint.
Registration link will be sent to your email. Do look out for it within a week upon accepting your programme offer.

For enquiry, please email SITOrientation@singaporetech.edu.sg.

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1. What is SIT Orientation?
SIT Orientation (camp) is a platform created for students to connect across degree programmes. We highly encourage students to attend this carefully thought out programme as this is an opportunity for students to form meaningful peer relationships that would enhance student’s campus life.


2. Why is attending SIT Orientation Camp highly encouraged?
SIT Orientation is a university-wide orientation programme. The purpose of this stay-in camp is for freshmen:

To understand the SIT DNA.

To integrate into the SIT culture and make new friends.


3. I have registered for the SIT Orientation Camp but I am not able to attend the orientation anymore.
Please RSVP again (as 'Not attending') using the link that was sent to your email after your first registration. Alternatively you may email to sitorientation@singaporetech.edu.sg if you are not able to attend the camp.


4. What time does SIT Orientation start and end?
Registration will start at 8am on 23 August and the orientation will end at 11am on 25 August.


5. Where will SIT Orientation Camp be held?
SIT Student Orientation is held at SIT@Dover campus, located at 10 Dover Drive, Singapore 138683.


6. Is it an overnight camp? What if I can’t stay overnight?
Yes, the SIT Orientation is an overnight event for freshmen.
Please do write in to sitorientation@singaporetech.edu.sg with reason, if you are not able to stay overnight and we will review on a case-by-case basis.


7. What if I need to be excused for few hours during the camp or I can only attend one day of the orientation?
Students should not leave the campsite unless with valid reasons. Please do write in to sitorientation@singaporetech.edu.sg with reasons. Priority will be given to students who can commit for all days.