SkillsFuture Work-Study Degree Programmes

SkillsFuture Work-Study Degree Programmes

Food Technology, BFoodTech(Hons)


This programme is open to in-employment upgraders in the relevant field of work and industry. This is a 5-year programme with a total of 15 trimesters (4 months each). The programme will be delivered in the '3-day Work/2-day Study' mode which students will alternate between three days at work in the participating company, which is their existing employer, and two days to study in the university for each week. There will be a full-time studying during Year 1 Trimester 1 and Year 2 Trimester 1.

The curriculum follows closely with that of the standard degree programmes and provides a more in-depth experience through the close collaboration between academia and industry. For more information on the programme, please view our programme page here: Food Technology


Eligibility and Programme Requirements


Please note that this programme is only open to in-employment upgraders. Applicants are advised to determine their eligibility before continuing.

The following checklist is a quick guide for admission into SIT. Please refer to our Admission Requirements for more information.

Students with articulated diplomas such as Food Science and Nutrition (NYP), Food Science and Technology (SP), and Applied Food Science and Nutrition (TP) may gain direct entry to Year Two of the programme.

Programme Requirements

Sponsored students must be prepared to study and work during the course of studies with SIT and sponsoring companies.

Application Process

Applicants should follow current SIT admissions process. During the admissions application, applicants must attach the Letter of Support from their existing employer. Applicants are to inform their employer on the compulsory full-time study in Year 1 Trimester 1 and Year 2 Trimester 1.



Shortlisted students will be invited for an interview session arranged by our faculty members to be considered for this programme.

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