Green Harvesting with SkillsFuture Work-Study Degree

SkillsFuture Work-Study Degree (WSDeg) allows companies to integrate institution-based learning with structured on-the-job training, enabling full-time students to acquire deep technical and essential skills, which facilitates their transition to the workplace after graduation.

SIT collaborates with industry partners to deliver an academic-cum-industry curriculum. SIT imparts technical knowledge and essential skills, while industry partners provide students with exposure to real-world challenges, validating students’ learning in the workplace.

WSDeg provides employers with a structured approach to develop their talent pipeline and assess potential hires while they are undergoing their studies at SIT. Employers can identify potential hires through interviews, and secure their commitment through sponsorship and/or apprenticeship.

WSDeg students will return to their sponsoring companies during their trimester break(s) for their Industry Induction(s)/Attachment (from 4 to 8 months), as well as for their Integrated Work Study Programme (from 6 to 12 months).

Benefits of WSDeg for Industry Partners
  • Provide a structured approach to develop a talent pipeline early.
  • Identify potential students with the right fit through interviews and secure their commitment through sponsorship and/or apprenticeship.
  • Evaluate the WSDeg students while they are undergoing their studies and at work.
  • Work closely with the WSDeg students at work to create a specialised career track for a seamless transition to the company upon graduation.
Green Harvesting

WSDeg Application Period & Process

  • January Application – For mid-term students (Year 1 and/or Year 2)
  • July Application – For newly matriculated students
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    STEP 1: Indicate Interest to Participate as a WSDeg Industry Partner

    Confirmation of participation two months prior to WSDeg January or July Application Exercise.

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    STEP 2: Confirmation of Participation

    Sign up for SIT ReadyTalent job portal account, and provide the details of WSDeg placement and sponsorship/apprenticeship package to SIT for review.

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    STEP 3: Preparation for WSDeg Application Exercise

    Create WSDeg job placement listing with sponsorship/apprenticeship details in ReadyTalent before application start date.

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    STEP 4: Shortlist Applicants

    Assess the applications received and shortlist students for interview.

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    STEP 5: Talent Acquisition

    Offer placement to the successful student.

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    STEP 6: Acceptance of Offer

    Successful students will be given one week to consider all offers. Should they decide to accept the offer, they will be enrolled as a WSDeg student and attached to the respective WSDeg industry partner.

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    STEP 7: Signing of Sponsorship/Apprenticeship Agreement

    The successful students, together with their guardians, are to sign a sponsorship/apprenticeship agreement with the employer.

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    STEP 8: Upon Successful Enrolment

    WSDeg students are required to return to their sponsoring company for Industry Induction or Industry Attachment during their trimester break(s); and for their work attachment, the Integrated Work Study Programme (IWSP).

Participating Programmes

Term-In/Term-Out (TI/TO)

Students alternate between spending one to three trimesters in university and at the workplace.

Chemical Engineering and Food Technology
Design and Specialised Businesses
Infocomm Technology

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