Deep-Skilling with SkillsFuture Work-Study Degree

SkillsFuture Work-Study Degree (WSDeg) places a high level of collaboration between academia and industry partners to provide in-employment students with deep skill sets and meaningful career opportunities.

WSDeg is available to companies that are looking to advance the careers of their employees in the relevant field of work or industry. Your employees will be able to obtain a bachelor’s degree with minimal work disruptions, under the Work-Day/Study-Day (WD/SD) model, or through sponsorship of the full-time degree, under the Term-In/Term-Out (TI/TO) model.

Key Benefits for Companies in Supporting Your Employees for the WSDeg:

  • Minimal work disruptions under the Work-Day/Study-Day (WD/SD) model.
  • Allow employees to deepen their skill sets and increase their competencies at work, adding value to the workplace.
  • Plan a specific career pathway and progression for employees.
  • Assist employees in meeting their aspiration of obtaining a degree while working.
  • Complement organisation’s talent acquisition, development and retention plan.

WSDeg in-employment students under the WD/SD model will have either a four-day work/one-day study week or three-day work/two-day study week. Sponsored WSDeg in-employment students pursuing full-time programme under the TI/TO model will be returning to their company during their trimester break(s) and Integrated Work Study Programme throughout the course of their studies.

Competency Building

SkillsFuture WSDeg Application Period & Process

SIT Annual Admissions Exercise – between January to March

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    STEP 1: Provide Letter of Support

    Issue a Letter of Support to your employee for online submission of application to SIT as a Work-Day/Study-Day (WD/SD) applicant, indicating time-off for them to attend lectures, tutorials, or/and project work in SIT.

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    STEP 2: Apply for SIT Programme

    Employee is to apply for the selected programme via SIT Admissions Exercise between January to March.

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    STEP 3: Invitation to Interview and Verification of Support

    Once the employee is shortlisted, he/she will be invited for an interview for a holistic evaluation, and SIT will carry out verification of support provided by the employer.

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    STEP 4: Successful Applicant

    Employee receives an offer from SIT.

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    STEP 5: Acceptance of a Place in SIT

    Employee accepts SIT’s offer, and is successfully enrolled as a WSDeg student.

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    STEP 6: Commencement of Study

    WSDeg student returns to employer according to programme schedule, under the respective curriculum structure (under WD/SD or TI/TO model).

Participating Programmes

Work-Day/Study-Day (WD/SD)

Programmes under Work-Study Degree Work-Day/Study-Day (WSDeg WD/SD) mode will be temporarily ceased for AY2022/23 intake and to be resumed in AY2023/24.

Students alternate between work with the employer and classes in the university during a week, based on the two models below:

  • 4-Day Work / 1-Day Study
  • 3-Day Work / 2-Day Study
Chemical Engineering and Food Technology

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