SITizens Learning Credits

SITizens Learning Credits

In line with Singapore’s national movement to provide upskilling and relearning opportunities for individuals in the workforce, SIT is offering S$2000 worth of SITizens Learning Credits. Starting from 2019, all SIT Alumni can take up eligible standalone courses offered by SITLEARN Professional Development. The credits can also be used to offset eligible subsidised courses offered by SkillsFuture Singapore. With a validity of 5 years, SIT Alumni will be able to use these credits to take up the courses they require.

Brief Overview

How to Utilise SLC


SITizens Learning Credits (SLC) - Eligible Courses


Start Date (2019)

Accounting and Finance
Data Analytics for Business Practices: Intermediate 22 - 23 Apr 
Data Analytics for Business Practices: Advanced 23 - 24 Aug 
Chemical Engineering - Process Safety
Designing and Engineering for Safe Operations: Runaway Reactions and Dust Handling  25 - 26 Apr 
Relief Systems - Types, Characteristics and Design Considerations 30 - 31 May 
Process Hazard Analysis 27 - 28 Jun 
Layer of Protection Analysis 25 - 26 Jul 
The Human Factor in Process Safety 15 - 16 Aug 
Quantitative Risk Analysis 9 - 11 Oct 
Chemical Engineering - Process Engineering
Process Engineering for Other Engineers, Technicians and Operators 6 - 9 May 
Communication Skills and People Management
Technically Write! 7 & 14 Jun 
Write Now! 21 & 28 Jun 
"Let Me Speak" 5 Jul 
"Your Writing: What's its Reach?" 11 - 12 Jul 
The Y-Cubed Approach to Polishing Workplace Relationships (Yes, Yes, Yes, We Can!) 16 Aug 
Practical Ethics for Big Data Users 16 Aug 
SQ - Service Quotient for Engineers and Technical Professionals (1) 20 Aug 
Presentation Sparkles! 22 - 23 Aug 
SQ - Service Quotient for Engineers and Technical Professionals (2) 30 Aug 
Engineering - Building Services
Facility Management: BIM-Based Space Planning and Move Management 9 - 25 Apr 
Basic Building Information Modelling (BIM) Authoring Skills 12 Apr - 2 May
Engineering - Non-Destructive Testing
SGNDT Level 2 for Magnetic Particle Testing 2 - 12 Apr
SGNDT Level 2 for Penetrant Testing 2 - 12 Apr
Engineering - Telematics
EMC - Principles, Standards, Measurements and Techniques 3 - 5 Apr
Managing Traffic with Intelligent Transport Systems 24 Apr
Transforming Transport Landscape 25 Apr
Fundamentals of RF Engineering 9 - 10 May
Introduction to Electromagnetic Compatibility 29 - 30 Aug
Health Sciences
Stress, Pain and Recovery 5 - 6 Apr
Community Programme Leader Training in Aged Care and After-stroke Care 31 May - 1 Jun & 1 Jul
Pharmaceutical Engineering
Introduction to Lab and Industrial Stem Cell Cultures 3 - 5 Apr
Infocomm Technology - Cybersecurity
Information Security Audit and Assurance 12 Jun - 18 Sep



What is SIT lifelong learning initiative all about?

As part of SIT’s lifelong learning initiative, all SIT alumni will be offered S$2000 worth of SITizens Learning Credits (credits) to take up eligible standalone courses offered by SITLEARN Professional Development, Singapore Institute of Technology’s Lifelong Learning division.

This initiative caters to SIT alumni who are keen to upgrade their skills through multiple pathways to equip them to be adaptable, relevant and nimble.

Who is eligible for SITizens Learning Credits?

You are eligible to receive the credits for SITLEARN Professional Development eligible courses as long as you are conferred with a Bachelor degree from any of the undergraduate programmes offered by:

  • Singapore Institute of Technology
  • Joint degree by Singapore Institute of Technology and Overseas University partner
  • One of the Overseas University partners
How much of credits will I be offered?

S$2000 worth of credits.

How do I receive or activate my SITizens Learning Credits?

All Alumni will receive an email sent out on 31 January 2019 by the SIT Alumni Team to activate their S$2,000 worth of SITizens Learning Credits.

What are the courses that I can apply for using the credits?

You can apply for eligible courses tagged as "SITizens Learning Credits (SLC) - Eligible Course" offered by SITLEARN Professional Development.

What is the validity period of the credits?

This initiative allows you to utilise the credits for 5 years. This initiative will be continually reviewed.

The credits can be used for courses starting from 1 April 2019 to 31 Mar 2024.

How many courses can I apply for with the credits given to me?

There is no limit to the number of courses you wish to apply using your credits.

Am I guaranteed a place in the course of my choice upon registration?

Acceptance of your application is subjected to available capacity and is granted at the sole discretion of SITLEARN Professional Development.

Can I exchange the credits for cash?

The credits cannot be exchanged for cash.

Are there any other chargeable fees or taxes?
  • A non-refundable administrative fee of S$40 (before GST) and prevailing GST will be charged upon acceptance of your application by SITLEARN Professional Development.

  • The credits cannot be used to offset the administrative fee and GST.

  • SkillsFuture funding is only available to all Singaporean Citizens and Singapore Permanent Residents
  • Please see table for illustration *
    * To be confirmed upon opening of registration in Jan 2019.


Payable with SITizens Learning Credits

Payment Required

Course Fee (Exclude GST)




Less SkillsFuture Funding








GST (7% x $150)^












Administrative Fee




GST on Admin Fee (7% x $40)




Payment Required












^ GST is subject to the funding applicable to the individual 

What if I do not have sufficient credits left to cover a course?

You have the option to top up the course fee with cash if you do not have sufficient credits. You can use cash once you have used up the balance of the credits.

Is there an age limit to use the credits?

There is no age limit.

How can I apply for eligible courses using SITizens Learning Credits?

For detailed instructions on how to use the SITizens Learning Credits for eligible courses, please look out for the email to be sent out in Feb by the SIT Alumni Team.

Are there any requirements to apply for the course?

Every course will have a different set of prerequisites. You are required to check the requirements of the course listed on the respective webpages.

Will existing SIT students be taking the courses alongside alumni?

Yes, it is possible that existing SIT students will be taking the same course alongside alumni and public participants.

Will I still be eligible for any additional discount(s) if I use the credits?

If you choose to enjoy any form of discount(s) (e.g. early bird, member’s discount etc) offered by SITLEARN Professional Development, you will not be allowed to use the credits.

Will I be eligible to use the credits for SkillsFuture funded courses?

Yes, you are allowed to use the credits for eligible SSG-funded courses offered by SITLEARN Professional Development. The acceptance of utilising the credits is granted at the sole discretion of SITLEARN Professional Development and SkillsFuture Singapore.

Can I use SkillsFuture Credit to offset the administrative fee?

You are not allowed to use SkillsFuture Credit to offset administrative fee. You may refer to SkillsFuture terms and conditions here for more information.

Will my credits and administrative fee be refunded if I need to withdraw from the course or if the course is postponed?

Credits and administrative fees are non-refundable upon acceptance of your application by SITLEARN Professional Development.

SITLEARN Professional Development reserves the right to cancel the course. In the event of such cancellation, credits and administrative fee paid by the participant will be refunded.

Will I get any certification or Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points upon courses completion?

Issuance of certificates or CPD points is dependent on the course. You can retrieve more information regarding the issuance of certificates or CPD points for each course on the respective webpage.

If I have more questions about the credits, courses and/or other queries, who should I contact?

You can contact us at