Are you seeking opportunities to enhance your skills or acquire new ones while working? As a SITizen, your journey with us does not stop at graduation. Explore SITLEARN’s industry-relevant courses, thoughtfully curated under 5 key domains.

“I wanted to understand the fundamentals of robotics, from the hardware down to the software aspects. I believe it is important to have an overall view of an area before delving into specific parts of the process. The course was more industry-focused, which helped me understand the direction to which my academic-based efforts would progress onto.”
Monisha Joy Gomez
Attended Robotics Fundamentals and Advanced Robotics courses
"The SIT Postgraduate Certificate modules adhere to such international standards, and in addition also caters to the Singapore local code of practice. This knowledge allows the individual to perform better at work and solve problems better as well. Given Singapore’s competitive job market and globalisation of jobs, it is advisable to constantly upgrade our skillsets. This can also open up other opportunities that we may never have thought of."
Poh Chye Wei
Attended The Postgraduate Certificate in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Modular Certification Pathway)
"Having completed the course and receiving a good basic understanding of the subject, if the opportunity arises, I’m further inclined to take on more advanced or expert-level classes to learn how to put machine learning into practice."
Seaw Ker Boon
Attended Machine Learning Courses

Alumni Benefit

Under the Learn for Life initiative, all SIT alumni can sign up for a complimentary course or module once every five years, valued at up to S$3,500*.

This initiative aims to support you in your journey of upskilling, equipping you with in-demand skills to thrive in today’s dynamic job market. With carefully curated courses from SITLEARN, you’ll stay ahead of the curve, emerging as a catalyst in your field. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to invest in your future success.

*Based on full course fees, excluding GST.


Redeem Your Free Course

    1. Browse Courses

      Browse through the eligible courses

    2. Apply

      Click Apply Now to register and log in as an SIT alumnus using your SIT email

    3. Complete Registration

      Complete the course registration form and check the box to utilise the Learn for Life token at the payment summary page

    4. Course Confirmation

      You will receive a course confirmation email once your application is approved and the course is scheduled to run

Featured Courses

Upcoming Events

Food, Chemical and Biotechnology
Major Hazards Symposium 2024

Jointly organised with the Society of Loss Prevention with this year’s theme “Managing Hazards Associated with Low-Carbon Technologies”.

07 November 2024
08:30 AM - 5:00 PM
S$196.20 (inclusive of GST)
Chemical Engineering, Process Safety

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. chevron--up
    What is the Learn for Life initiative?

    The Learn for Life initiative offers SIT alumni a complimentary course or module of their choice once every five years, valued at up to S$3,500*.

    *Based on full course fees, excluding GST.

  2. chevron--up
    Who is eligible for the Learn for Life?

    You are eligible to receive the Learn for Life token as long as you have completed and graduated from any of the undergraduate or postgraduate programmes offered by:

    • Singapore Institute of Technology,
    • Joint degree by Singapore Institute of Technology and Overseas University partner
    • One of the Overseas University partners.

    The issuance of the Learn for Life token is at the sole discretion of Singapore Institute of Technology.

  3. chevron--up
    How do I redeem my complimentary course or module?

    Refer to the ‘Redeem Your Free Course’ section above for instructions on how to claim your complimentary course or module.

  4. chevron--up
    What are the courses offered under this initiative?

    The eligible courses are tagged as ‘Learn for Life’ and can be found here.

  5. chevron--up
    How often can I redeem the complimentary course or module?

    You can utilise the Learn for Life token to redeem a complimentary course or module once every five years.

  6. chevron--up
    Will I be eligible for any additional discounts or funding if I utilise the Learn for Life token for the complimentary course or module?

    No additional discounts or funding will be applicable if you choose to redeem your complimentary course or module. The value of the complimentary course or module is based on the full course fees, excluding GST.

  7. chevron--up
    Am I guaranteed a place in the course of my choice upon registration?

    Seats will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. Acceptance of your application is subject to seat availability and pre-requisites (if any) and granted at the sole discretion of SITLEARN.

  8. chevron--up
    Will my Learn for Life token be refunded if I need to withdraw from the course or if the course is cancelled?

    You are required to notify SITLEARN of your withdrawal at least 7 days before the course commences. Failure to do so will result in your Learn for Life token not being refunded. In the event of course cancellation by SITLEARN, the Learn for Life token will be refunded to you. SITLEARN reserves the right to cancel the course.

  9. chevron--up
    What certificate will I be awarded after completion of my chosen course?

    Refer to the ‘Certificate and Assessment’ section of each eligible course webpage for details on the certificate to be awarded.

  10. chevron--up
    What happens if I don't utilise my Learn for Life token within the specified timeframe?

    Any unutilised Learn for Life token will be reissued with a new expiration date set for 5 years from the issuance date. An expired and unutilised Learn for Life token cannot be carried over to the next 5 years or used to offset future courses.

  11. chevron--up
    Can I redeem multiple complimentary courses using a single Learn for Life token?

    You may redeem only one complimentary course or module with your Learn for Life token. Redemption of multiple courses is not allowed.

  12. chevron--up
    Can I transfer or gift my complimentary course to someone else?

    No, the complimentary course is specifically assigned to you, and the token is linked to your SIT student ID.

  13. chevron--up
    How can I stay updated on new courses available for redemption?

    Join our mailing list here.

  14. chevron--up
    If I have more questions about the initiative, courses and/or other queries, who should I contact?

    You may contact us here.

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