Winning through Hard Work, Tenacity, and Grit

SIT undergraduates snag Merit Award despite strong international competition at the Engineering Innovation Challenge 2021

To commemorate National Engineers Day 2021, the Institute of Engineers of Singapore invited undergraduate students from local and overseas universities to take part in the Engineering Innovation Challenge (EIC) Competition. This exciting international competition enables the next generation of young engineers to showcase their latent talents.


Competitors had to use their skills and imaginations to create a prototype that demonstrated innovative applications of ionising radiation in industry, sustainability, healthcare, food and agriculture, or transportation. The competition period lasted from 13 July 2021 to 20 November 2021, after which teams had to present a prototype to a panel of judges through a Zoom interview.


SIT’s team of undergraduates from the pioneer batch of Electronics and Data Engineering (EDE) course made it to the finals where they had to ‘face-off’ with 16 other teams.


The team consisting of Mr Lim Zhuo Rong James, Ms Tan Su Wei Suzy, Mr Lau Jia Wei, and Mr Goh Yi Li, wanted to address the challenges that the pandemic created. At the time, there were no robust measures implemented in the transport industry. Hence, the team members decided to develop a robot utilising ultraviolet-C (UV-C) radiation to clean the surfaces in public transport, namely buses and MRTs.


Said Mr Goh Yi Li, “Due to unpredictable social distancing measures, it was challenging for us to work around everyone’s busy schedule and to book facilities. We also experienced delays when we were building the prototype. Most of us were quite new to the process, so we went through a series of trial and error. But in the end, the process made us more resilient!”


They snagged the Merit Award in the Universities category for their prototype.


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