Tickling Your Taste Buds

Alumnus Pah Qi Fan saw an opportunity amid the pandemic to launch his very own home-based pastry business

In June this year, Culinary Arts graduate Pah Qi Fan launched The Crane Grain – a home-based pastry business. Seeing a growing acceptance of home-based food businesses, especially during the circuit breaker, he grabbed the opportunity to start this small business.


Qi Fan had earned his chops through an internship in New York, and working as a pastry cook at a two-star Michelin restaurant in Singapore. He was used to professional kitchens with its walk-in chillers and large freezers, but soon realised that he would have to reconfigure the way he worked to recreate the bespoke pastries he envisioned.


“Making intricate desserts from my home kitchen is definitely a tricky matter!” he said, adding that he had to rethink certain techniques. “For instance, making a blitz puff pastry dough that is easier to fold, as compared to a traditional dough where the butter layers will melt in my home kitchen that doesn’t have air conditioning.”


He is intent on growing as a pastry chef in this new work environment and has managed to come up with a tasting box that includes his signature sea salt dark chocolate chip cookies and other festive specials. To find out more about his sweet offerings, see @TheCraneGrain.