Strategise, Support and Shoot!

SITizen Ambassadors get to know one another better over an exciting game of laser tag

SITizen Ambassadors (SAms) have played an important role in supporting SIT’s Advancement and Alumni Division (A&A) events, especially so in the last two years where they facilitated virtual meetings between Alumni mentors and Student mentees in various cycles of the SIT Alumni Mentoring Programme.


On Saturday 14 May 2022, 14 SAms finally met up offline for the first time amid the pandemic. At the event hosted by A&A, they first enjoyed a hearty lunch at Nando’s before getting their adrenaline pumping in a fast-paced game of laser tag at Laser Quest @ Tampines HomeTeamNS. During the afternoon, they got to know one another better and gain a deeper understanding of the twin functions of A&A— which is to encourage and secure philanthropic giving in support of SIT and its students, while also serving as SIT’s main point of contact for all alumni to connect back with their alma mater and with one another.

The SAms had a blast, firing and dodging shots while supporting their teammates and attempting to complete their mission in the black-lit arena. Year 2 Hospitality Business student Mr Mohamad Irfan Bin Roslee said, “Echoing Barney Stinson from the well-known sitcom ‘How I Met Your Mother’, laser tag is awesome! The activity really allowed everyone from SAms to the A&A team to let loose for a moment and just enjoy themselves.”


Year 2 Accountancy student Mr Melvin Tan shared the same thoughts. “I enjoyed competing and teasing the lowest scorers on their questionable strategy during the games. I also got to know all of the members on a personal level, and it was an enjoyable experience expanding and strengthening our relationships with one another,” he said.