Sticking Together Through the Tough Times … and Good

For the second year running, SITizens lend a hand in welcoming new alumni to their ranks

The results for the second Sticker-Patch Design Competition are out!


Organised by the SIT Advancement & Alumni Division from 20 August – 20 September 2021, the competition asked SITizens to illustrate what SIT meant to them, or what they thought best represented their time at SIT. The competition for the best designs was open to both alumni and students, and each winner will receive $80 worth of Grab vouchers, regardless of the number of winning entries.


Participants were allowed to submit more than one design, and all submitted designs were presented to the selection committee as individual anonymised entries for voting.


The designs submitted ranged from the SIT-DNA to out-of-the-world space travel. In the end, judges picked five winning designs to be made into stickers or fabric patches – as part of the offerings in the New Alumni Welcome Pack that will be sent out to the graduating class of 2021.


Ms Nuralisa Binte Ahmad, who graduated in 2020, based her winning designs on the SIT-DNA. She said, “It was essential to be able to learn, unlearn, and relearn as I attended lectures and tutorials. I was taught to be a thinking tinkerer as I worked on my dissertation. I met peers who were catalysts for transformation and grounded in the community. All in all, I am proud to be an SIT graduate.”


The competition had Information and Communications Technology alumnus Mr Tan Kuan Hong Rollin (Class of 2018) reminiscing on the times he spent staying late on campus with his classmates. “Staying late in school for projects and studies could be stressful and daunting at the moment, but when you think back after you graduated, it is actually filled with wonderful memories, especially of those with your classmates and friends.”


Ms Nurbaizurah Binte Sahari (Class of 2014), had this to say regarding her winning entry, I always have a deep love for the cosmos and space. The endless exploration and possibilities during my time in the SIT-GSA Interior Design programme was exciting for me. Through that journey, I also discovered a lot more about myself and blossomed as a person and creator that I am today as depicted by my illustration.”