Spin to the Beat!

SITizens get an exhilarating ride to fitness at Spin Class, the first physical SIT Alumni Network event after a long hiatus

The SIT Alumni Networks are finally making a physical comeback, starting with the Alumni Sports Network’s Spin Class, held on Thursday, 19 May 2022 at Absolute You @ Centrepoint. What better way to bring alumni back to physical events than a high energy workout, cycling to adrenaline-pumping beats? 

Gathered in a studio lit by neon lights, almost 30 participants were taken through a quick facilitation to orientate themselves with their bikes and get used to the motion of riding. What followed next was an intense 45-minute workout, incorporating choreography and full-body movements, accompanied by non-stop encouragement from their instructor. 

Mechanical Design Engineering alumnus Mr Valent Tan enjoyed the motivational atmosphere during the class. “It was tiring but enjoyable as I went with friends,” he said. “You’re inclined to try your best to maintain the intensity and rhythm to the beat of the songs, compared to other sports where I’m more chill and depend on myself.” 

With the easing of safe-distancing measures, SIT Alumni can look forward to even more exclusive events to enjoy with their peers, coming up soon.