Our Hearts Take Them Further

In the first 30 days since the Faculty & Staff Giving Roadshow was held on 21 July 2022, 57 SIT employees have together made possible 15 SIT Bursaries for the new Academic Year, as well as supported the Student Relief Fund@SIT (COVID-19) and AdventureLearn

On 21 July 2022, close to 200 SIT employees turned up at the Academic Plaza at SIT@Dover to support the Faculty & Staff Giving Roadshow. This was the first time that SIT faculty and staff were able to gather for the Roadshow since the pandemic restrictions were lifted and it was also an opportunity for them to meet with SIT Bursary recipients. Prof Chua Kee Chaing, President, SIT, was also present to show his support and speak with the recipients.


Delicious local treats like laksa, roti prata and ice-cream sandwiches were served during the cosy lunchtime event and staff also delighted in playing childhood games like snakes and ladders, five stones and chapteh.


Final-year Computer Science and Game Design student Chiang Jun Ming, who received the SIT Bursary in AY 2021/22, says the Bursary enabled him to pay for internet access when he needed to study or work from home, cover everyday expenses such as food and stationery, and “study with no worries”. He adds, “I hope to be able to get a job I enjoy after graduation and repay my parents for supporting me.”


In the first 30 days since the roadshow, 57 colleagues had made gifts to support SIT students through the SIT Bursary, Student Relief Fund @ SIT (COVID-19) and AdventureLearn, a holistic student development platform aimed at helping students learn better.  Thanks to support from faculty and staff, SIT will be able to award 15 SIT Bursaries (valued at $3,000 each) thus far to financially disadvantaged students in this Academic Year 2022/23 – and counting – while also providing support for the other two funds. A round-the-year-effort kicked off by the Roadshow, the Faculty & Staff Giving initiative is ongoing.