Seizing the Opportunity to Upskill

Ahmad Syahir is one of 26 workplace learners embarking on SIT’s pilot Competency-Based Workplace Learning Pathway, and will be the first in his family to obtain an undergraduate degree

Ahmad Syahir has always wished that he could go back in time to do better in his studies so that he could pursue higher education. Now, thanks to a new initiative between SIT and key industry partners, the 30-year old undergraduate will now have the opportunity to realise his dream.


In September 2021, SIT has rolled out the Competency-Based Workplace Learning Pathway (CBWLP) in Sustainable Infrastructure Engineering (SIE). Syahir is one of the 11 workplace learners from SBS Transit and SMRT Corporation looking to deepen their skill sets in rail engineering.


In addition, SIT also launched the pathway for the Infocomm Technology (Information Security) degree programme, teaming up with leading cyber security firm Ensign InfoSecurity. The firm aims to build a core group of Singaporean cyber security professionals or ‘cyber defenders’ in the coming years, and has committed to support the training of their employees. 15 workplace learners from Ensign InfoSecurity have commenced their journey with SIT in this Academic Year 2021/22 as well.


This alternative route to an undergraduate degree will allow adult learners to gain credits towards fulfilling degree requirements, based on the competencies they have acquired through their past work experience. Most of the learning outcomes required to obtain their degree will be achieved through curated projects carried out at work. Workplace learners will have access to online lectures for their respective modules and receive facilitated coaching from SIT faculty through online platforms. This approach provides learners with greater flexibility and ownership over their learning journey and pace, and minimise disruptions to their work and personal lives.


"When I found out about this learning opportunity, I immediately seized it,” said Syahir who has been working with SBS Transit for eight years and specialises in facilities management. His family, especially his father, is supportive of him enrolling into the pathway. “If everything goes smoothly, I would be the first in my family to obtain a degree!” he quipped with delight.


For the full story, please go to SIT’s Digital Newsroom: https://www.singaporetech.edu.sg/digitalnewsroom/seizing-the-opportunity-to-upskill/