A Scent-sational Workshop from Home

SITizens learn about the complex world of perfume with Oo La Lab at the Perfume Mixology Workshop

The circuit breaker period may have had Singaporeans stuck at home, but SITizens didn’t let this stop them from enjoying fun activities as they participated in online workshops specially. One such workshop was the Perfume Mixology Workshop, led by craft fragrance lab Oo La Lab.


Organised by the SIT Alumni Leisure Network, the workshop taught participants how to experiment with scents and craft their own unique fragrance. Participants were sent a Perfume Mixology kit that included 12 unique scents, and a formula card to record formulas that they had concocted. A useful tip provided by perfume mixologist Mr Van Bruce was to pick out scents based on how they made them feel, as one’s sense of smell is also linked to memory and emotions.


The participants then had to select scents that would make the top, middle, and base notes of their fragrance. They spent the evening trying out scents such as Tea, Dahlia, and Vanilla, finally combining them in vials to create their own unique formula.

Besides the Perfume Mixology Workshop, the SIT Alumni Networks have been conducting a variety of Leisure, Career, and Sports workshops for SITizens to enjoy from home.

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