Pour Your Art Out

SITizens get creative and experimental with resin art at the Resin Cheeseboard Workshop organised by the SIT Alumni Leisure Network

Resin art is one of the latest methods for people to flex their creativity and create unique art pieces in a variety of forms. SITizens were given an interesting introduction to this versatile material at the Resin Cheeseboard Workshop, led by Ms Cindy Neo, founder of indie art studio Room to Imagine.


The participants were provided with an Art Experience kit, which included a wooden cheeseboard to decorate. To create the resin for pouring, the participants had to mix clear epoxy resin with hardener, which would eventually become solid plastic once set. They then combined the resin with inks to create unique colours.


For most of the participants, this was their first time working with resin. Ms Alicia Chia, a Mechanical Design Engineering alumnus, said, “It can be challenging because I had to work through each step carefully in case I made a mistake, but it’s also fun anticipating how the colours will merge and turn out.” Not much of a cheese eater, she plans to use her finished product as a display board for her accessories.

Mr Muhammad Fauzi Bin Azman, a Communication Design alumnus, enjoyed the process of experimenting and seeing his work come to life. “I have worked with paint and printing materials, yet I find resin has a unique quality. There is a lot of potential on what you can do with it, not just on wood but other materials. I’m excited to try it on more surfaces and play with different colours,” he said. Like Ms Poh, he does not really eat cheese either, but it will still make a good snack plate for curry puffs and chicken wings.