Make Your Own Lamp

Participants got to try their hands on basic electrical wiring in the Mini Copper Lamp Workshop

From 20-21 October, SITizens assembled and built their very own bespoke copper lamp during the Mini Copper Lamp Workshop organised by the SIT Alumni Leisure Network.


At the workshop led by Mr Poh Wenxiang from workshop café Make Your Own, a local art studio which specialises in DIY craft experiences, 55 alumni were provided with the materials needed to build the lamp and guided step-by-step – through preparing the materials, assembling the structure, and finally wiring the electrical components to light up their mini lamp. Participants could also unleash their creativity to decorate the wooden base of the lamp as they liked it.

The clear explanation provided by the facilitator, together with the simple set up, meant that all the participants were able to get their lamps to light up at the end of the session. Several alumni who completed their lamps ahead of the group were also having fun dimming and brightening their lamps while waiting for others to finish their masterpiece.


The SITiznes were given tips on how to care for their mini lamps as the copper parts would oxidise with time. Occasional polishing using metal surface polishes would keep the copper surface shiny. The bulb holder supports the commonly available e27 light bulbs so participants can replace them easily.

“The mini copper lamp workshop was a unique experience which we don’t get to try every day. It was satisfying to see the end product of your work once you have completed the piece, especially when it lit up!” said aeronautical engineering alumnus Mr Karthigesan Murukan.