Let Your Paint Run Free!

Be mesmerised by how colours can blend and interact in unpredictable yet interesting ways

From 10-11 November, 54 SITizens tried their hands at creating a world of vibrant colours at the Acrylic Pour Workshop, organised by the SIT Alumni Leisure Network and facilitated by Zee from Epic Workshops.


Acrylic pouring is a painting technique that does not involve complex concepts — participants simply had to choose the colours they like, mix them, and start pouring!


The participants were given two blank canvases to work with, and a crash course on colour theory should they wish to mix the paints that they were provided with to come up with their own signature shade.

Subsequently, they were guided through mixing the paint and the various techniques to pour and spread the paint to create different patterns. Paint consistency is essential for a good flow of the paint mixture on the canvas, hence the alumni had to make sure that their paint mixture was a liquid honey consistency. They did this by adding vinyl glue and water to acrylic paint.

Ms Cassandra Chong, Class of 2019 Hospitality Business alumnus had been looking forward to the workshop ever since she received the workshop materials. “The workshop was easy to digest, execute and fruitful. In just two hours, I've gained a new skill!”


“I’m glad that the Alumni Leisure Network organises such art workshops; it gave me a very good and therapeutic break from my hectic work. It’s a pity we had to do this online due to COVID-19, if not it’ll definitely uplift the experience further,” said Mechanical Design Engineering graduate Mr Ivan Liew.