In Appreciation of Your Mentoring

Mentors and mentees of the Alumni Mentoring Programme finally meet in person to conclude Cycle 1 & 2 of the programme and enjoy a movie together

After months of only being able to communicate virtually, mentors and mentees from the first two cycles of the SIT Alumni Mentoring Programme finally met in person at the Cycle 1 & 2 Appreciation Ceremony on Sunday, 16 January 2022. 

This was the programme’s first physical event since April 2021, held over two sessions in the morning and afternoon at Projector X: Riverside. The participants seized the chance to gather (in groups of five) and have a proper face-to-face catchup, with some from the morning session even staying till the afternoon to keep the conversation going. The participants were also presented with certificates of appreciation to commemorate their completion of the programme. 

After their catchup session, the participants then gathered to listen to a brief sharing by mentors and mentees about their programme experience so far, as well as enjoy a movie screening of Good Will Hunting, which showcases themes about good mentorship. In addition, the mentors received a pleasant surprise – personal videos of thanks that their mentees had prepared for them.


 Mr Tan Wei Liang, who has been a mentor since Cycle 1 to Cycle 3, shared that he still finds himself learning from his juniors and the different perspectives that they bring to the table. “We all change in life and I think between seniors and juniors, we can help each other mature multi-dimensionally,” he said. “As a mentor, I am providing life advice, career advice, and how you can cope as you progress in life. That’s how I hope my mentees have benefited through the programme.” He also encouraged students who are graduating soon to consider becoming mentors themselves.


Mr Oak Soe Paing, a mentee who recently graduated from the Electrical Engineering & IT degree programme, intends to do just that. “My mentor has made my transition from student to working adult a smoother journey, and I hope to pay that forward,” he said. “I find that one of the greatest satisfaction is being able to inspire someone, and having them come back to tell me that I have made a difference in their life.”

*This event was executed in accordance with existing safe management measures as of January 2022.