Graduating Cohort Pioneers Annual Class Giving Tradition at SIT

The Class of 2022 have a special place in SIT history for two reasons – being the 10th graduating cohort and the first to launch an annual class giving drive to support their juniors.

“$20.22 for 2022!” That call, made by 30 SITizens from this year’s graduating class, is to encourage their peers to support Class Giving 2022. The idea is to commemorate their graduation year by making a gift of $20.22 to support the SIT Bursary for their juniors who are most in need of financial aid. Valued at $3,000 each, the SIT Bursary will go some way in covering the recipients’ living or study expenses. 


Thanks to these Class Giving Champions, Class Giving 2022 has raised almost three SIT Bursaries from 221 donors thus far – and the campaign is still ongoing. 

At the graduation dinner held on 15 October 2022, Professor Chua Kee Chaing, President, SIT, said that while the SIT Bursary had been supported by SIT faculty and staff, as well as corporate and individual donors since 2014, he was “very proud to see how the Class of 2022 is trailblazing the tradition of Class Giving at SIT”. 


“Our graduates are young, and their resources are limited, so it is not really how much they give that matters. Rather, what is important is how they are coming forward to help ensure that the educational opportunities they have had at SIT continue to be within reach for their juniors,” he said. “I am confident that the Class of 2022 will lead all the graduating cohorts after them to make Class Giving a strong tradition at SIT,” he added. 


In fact, most of the 30 Class Giving Champions have been scholarship recipients at SIT. Among them is Ms Lim Wan Ting, a graduate from the Bachelor of Science with Honours in Air Transport Management (SIT). She says: "Being aware of my own financial predicament as a student, I am especially thankful and blessed to have SIT as a strong support system that is constantly championing my success through its various forms of financial aids. While everyone is fighting their own tooth and nail to bring themselves to where they are today, a little bit of contribution can help ease the struggles and adversities that our fellow SITizens face. The ability to give is a gift itself." 


Wilson Lee Kian Yi, a Class Giving Champion from SIT’s Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Telematics (Intelligent Transportation Systems Engineering) degree programme, says: “During my journey in SIT, I had experienced financial problems and SIT offered me support through the SIT Bursary and The Student Relief Fund at SIT (COVID-19).” He also says: “Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more. So, I hope my contributing back can help provide fellow SITizens with the support they need.” 


Calling the Class of 2022 – please click here to find out more about Class Giving 2022!