Go With the Liquid Flow

SITizens try their hand at an alternative form of acrylic pouring, creating unique decorations on a vinyl toy keychain

SIT Alumni gathered in the cozy L’Atelier Du Reve studio for the Keychain Liquid Flow Bear Workshop on Thursday, 21 July 2022. The unique art jamming session showed participants how to use paint and the acrylic pour technique to decorate a cute vinyl toy bear keychain.


The process was simple – choose your preferred colours, combine them in a spoon, and start pouring! While each person was given an 8cm tall bear figurine to work with, participants also had the option to upgrade to larger sized figurines ranging from 19cm to 33cm tall.


Food and Human Nutrition alumnus Ms Monisha Gomez liked how the paint pouring could produce unexpected results. “I didn’t think too much when I selected the colours, as the artwork could turn out different from what I envisioned,” she said. “Thankfully it turned out pretty nice, as with all the other bears I saw during the workshop.”